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4121 . For which sport is the Val Barker Cup awarded in the Olympic Games?

4122 . Who is the player to claim 50 ODI wickets in least number of matches?
Ajantha Mendis

4123 . Which nutrients are most likely to be affected by food processing and storage?

4124 . Which are the Soils that developed in humid tropical regions?

4125 . Which was the official language of Gupta period?

4126 . What Minimum age is required to contest for Presidentship?
35 years

4127 . What does mixture of CS2 and H2S on passing over heated copper give?

4128 . Who long do the World Bank and IMF give respectively?
Long term and short term credits

4129 . 'Syntaxial Bent' is a feature of which range?

4130 . Vasco da Gama discovered the sea-route to India in which year?
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4131 . Which is the most ancient musical instrument?

4132 . Which is a round worm that enters man's body through the soles of the feet?

4133 . In case a President dies while in office, for howmany months can the Vice-President act as President?
6 months

4134 . Which waterfall in India has the most height?
Kunchikal Falls

4135 . Which was capital of Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab?

4136 . What is the escape velocity of a particle of mass m varies?

4137 . Which deals of 'Art of Warfare' ?
Chhao of Mayurbhanj

4138 . Which country is the largest debtor of UNO?

4139 . Which Indian port leads in imports?

4140 . Of which metal were the tools and weapons of Harappan civilisation?
Copper, tin and bronze
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4141 . Olympic Games after 4th century AD Restarted (Under IOC) from which year?

4142 . A vein is a vessel that carries blood which side?
Towards the heart

4143 . Where can the report of the UPSC discussed?
In Parliament before being accepted

4144 . Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, is located in which country?

4145 . Who wrote the book “A nation in the making”?
Surendranath Banerjee

4146 . Which compound does not give a positive test in Lassaigne's test for nitrogen?

4147 . What is the duration of a normal one half of a Hockey match?
30 min

4148 . If saving exceeds investment, how will the national income?
Remain constant

4149 . What do you understand by the word regur?
Black soil found in the Deccan

4150 . By whom was the clarion call 'Dilli Chalo' was given?
Subhash Chandra Bose
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4151 . What is in lichen symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae called?

4152 . To whom is the resignation letter of a State Public Service Commission member addressed?

4153 . With which instrument can a sailor in a submarine see the objects on the surface of sea?

4154 . Where is the average annual rainfall highest?

4155 . Who was the President of the Indian National Congress at the time of Indian Independence?
J. B. Kriplani

4156 . Who is the recipient of the first 'Moortidevi literacy Award'?
C.K. Nagaraja Rao

4157 . Which feature film is official nominee for Oscar, 2013 from India?

4158 . Litmus paper used in laboratary from which obtained?

4159 . Which is located in the' Bastar region?
Indravati National Park

4160 . In how many adhikaranas is the Kautilya's 'Arthashastra'divided?
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