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4841 . Who was the first lady Prime Minister in the world?
Shirimavo Bhandaranaike

4842 . Which muscle is the strongest of all in the human body?

4843 . Who has the authority to remove the Vice-President from his office before the expiry of his term?

4844 . Which phenomenon gives an evidence for the spherical shape of the earth?
Lunar eclipse

4845 . Which literary figure of the Gupta Age is given the title of 'Indian Shakespeare' ?

4846 . What is the separation of colloidal particles from those of molecular dimensions called?

4847 . Howmany ' of Banks were nationalised since 1969?

4848 . In which field 'Aachan Maharaj' has distinguished himself?

4849 . Factory farming is the characteristic of which region?
Northwestern Europe

4850 . Who gave the town Masulipatnam to the French?
Salabat Jang
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4851 . Longest bone found in which part of human body?

4852 . By whom are the portfolios allocated to the ministers?
The Prime Minister

4853 . A metal plate with a circular hole at the centre is heated. What will happen to the area of the hole?

4854 . From which direction do Summer rains in Australia broadly decreases?
North to south

4855 . Tipu Sultan died fighting the English forces under which general?
Lord Cornwallis

4856 . Who was the first lady to preside over the Congress?
Annie Besant

4857 . What is the animal on the insignia of the RBI?

4858 . Molecular and cellular research centre is situated in which city?

4859 . Indian Standard Meridian' passes through which states?
UP, MP Orissa and AP

4860 . By whom was the slogan 'Inquilab Zinda bad' first raised?
Bhagat Singh
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4861 . The Rajya Sabha can have a maximum strength of howmany members?

4862 . Which are the The best and the poorest conductors of heat respectively?
Silver (Ag), and lead (Pb)

4863 . From which sector does the highest sector wise contribution to gross domestic saving comes?
Household sector

4864 . Which State has the largest coastline in India?

4865 . The first Governor-General of India was appointed under the provisions of which act?

4866 . Saraswati Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to which field?

4867 . In dry regions, the leaf size of a tree becomes smaller why?
Reduce transpiration

4868 . Howmany subjects are in the State List?
66 subjects

4869 . The Sivasamudram Falls is on which river?

4870 . With reference to the Revolt of 1857, who laid siege to Jhansi in March 1858 ?
Sir Hugh Rose
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4871 . Which metal is not attacked by the environment?

4872 . Which book brought the first Nobel Prize to an Indian?

4873 . Why has the per capita income been low in India?
Because of population growth

4874 . The 'Chilka lake region' lies in between the deltas of which rivers–
Mahahadi and Godavari

4875 . Dhondu Pant is better known as which name?
Nana Saheb

4876 . What is richest source of vitamin D is?
Cod liver oil

4877 . The distribution of power between Centre and the States is based on which scheme?
Government of India Act, 1935

4878 . When light passes from air into glass it experiences change in which things?
Wavelength and speed

4879 . What is Crop rotation?
Growing different crops-in succession

4880 . Whose ideas had Influenced Mahatma Gandhi's thought?
--- >>> --- >>>
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