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4681 . What will be best colours for a Sun umbrella?
White on top and black on inside

4682 . What is deficit financing?
Spending in excess of revenue

4683 . Which is the official language of East African Development Bank?

4684 . In which State are Namchik-Namphuk Coalfields located?
Arunachal Pradesh

4685 . Tulsidas composed his 'Ramcharitamanasa' in the reign of which ruler?

4686 . In the human body which sturcture is the appendix attached to?
Large intestine

4687 . Which is concerned with the regularity and economy of expenditure of government?
Public Accounts Committee

4688 . How many Regional Commissions are established by the UN Economic and Social Council?

4689 . Which place gets the least rainfall?

4690 . In which veda does the word 'gotra' first appear with the meaning of 'a clan' ?
Atharva Veda
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4691 . How is the tax which is paid by the person on whom the tax is incident?
Direct tax

4692 . What is saliva in man?

4693 . The inspiration of 'Liberty, Equality and Fraternity' was derived from which revolution?
French revolution

4694 . Which latitude passes through India?
Tropic of Cancer

4695 . By which monk was Ashoka much influenced?

4696 . A virtual image larger than the object can be formed by which mirror?
Concave mirror

4697 . Who won Jnanpith award for the Year 2011?
Pratibha Ray

4698 . Which was the journalist who refused to accept Padma Bhushan?
Arun Shourie

4699 . The Earth turns through 360° in 24 hours. Howmuch time does Each 15° longitude represent?
One hour

4700 . Which dynasty's founder was an elected king?
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4701 . Which Cricketer has scored the highest total runs in test cricket?
Sachin Tendulkar

4702 . Who won a Nobel Prize for literature when he was the head of the government?
Sir Winston Churchill

4703 . Which vitamin is essential for poor bone and teeth formation?
Vitamin D

4704 . Rana Pratap Sagar Plant (Rajasthan) is associated with which thing?

4705 . Jallianwala Bagh massacre occurred on which date?

4706 . Which is at the apex of the-three tier system of Panchayati Raj ?
Zila Parishad

4707 . Why does the velocity of rain drop attain constant value?
Viscous force exerted by air

4708 . The Govt. of India does not provide any direct financial assistance to which scheme?
Jeevan Sathi Yojana

4709 . Which is the oldest atomic power station?

4710 . During the Indian Freedom Struggle, who raised an army called Free Indian Legion?
Subhas Chandra Bose
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4711 . Dr. Hargobing khurana received the nobel prize for which subject?

4712 . Healing of wounds is hastened by which vitamin?

4713 . The amendment procedure laid down in the Constitution of India is on which pattern?
Constitution of South Africa

4714 . Which is a warm ocean current?
East Australian current

4715 . Which was the Princely State which acceeded to the Indian Union after a plebiscite?

4716 . Bagasse, a by-product of sugar manufacturing industry, is used for the production of which thing?

4717 . The 'Rediscovery of India' is written by which author?
Meghnad Desai

4718 . As per latest data in urban areas women employment is highest in which industry areas?
Retail Trade

4719 . Kuroshio is a warm ocean current which runs from which country?
Philippines to Japan

4720 . Which was in power in the U. K. when India got independence?
Labour Party
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