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4641 . Which laser type is used in a laser printer?
Dye laser

4642 . Under VAT, how many slabs are there?

4643 . In plant body, by which the water and minerals are transported?

4644 . Wood pulp comes from which region?
Coniferous forest region

4645 . Which first Mughal building to have been built entirely of marble?
Itmad-ud-Daula's tomb

4646 . After howmany years is Election of Rajya Sabha held?
2 years

4647 . Which element has two electrons in the K-shell only?

4648 . How much is one barrel of oil approximately equal to?
159 litres

4649 . Where are the oceanic current named as 'Kuroshio, Kurile and Alaskan' located?
North Pacific Ocean

4650 . Which is the oldest surviving newspaper in India?
Bombay Samachar
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4651 . Charles Correa has distinguished himself in which field?

4652 . Major part of CO2 is transported to respiratory surface in form of which ion?
HCO3 ion

4653 . The powers of the Election Commission are given in which Article of the Constitution?

4654 . Which sea is without a coasts?
Sargasso sea

4655 . Who remarked 'the bones of the cotton weavers are bleaching the plains of India' ?
William Bentinck

4656 . What is the energy of the winds and the waves?

4657 . What is the cause of inflation?
Increase in money supply and fall in production

4658 . Michael Jackson was a distinguished personality in which field?
Pop music

4659 . Which can come across if one travels through the Strait of Malacca ?

4660 . Who founded the Banaras Hindu University?
Madan Mohan Malviya
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4661 . To meet the growing needs for coins in the country, where does the Government propose to set up another mint?

4662 . Which oil field of India is the oldest and still producing oil?

4663 . The first Muslim conquest of the Hindu Kingdoms of Deccan was effected by whose forces?
Alauddin Khilji

4664 . Since when has US been a member of the UN?

4665 . For pasteurisation of milk by Flash method, at which temperature is milk heated?

4666 . After howmuch time are the elections to Panchayats are to be held?
Every five years

4667 . How are the orbits of planets around the Sun, or of satellites around the Earth,?
Circular and elliptic

4668 . Buland Darwaza, built -by Akbar, is to commemorate the victory of which state?

4669 . A car is running on a road at a uniform speed of 60 km/hr. What is the net resultant force on the car?
Equal to zero

4670 . Dog bite can cause rabies. Which other animals can also cause rabies?
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4671 . For international payments, to which currency is the Indian currency linked?
American Dollar

4672 . What is the outermost layer of Sun called?

4673 . Where is the tomb of Babar?

4674 . Which chemical is used for preserving fruit juices?
Sodium benzoate

4675 . How many High Courts in India have jurisdiction over more than one State (Union Territories not included)?

4676 . Which metal is found in 'plaster of paris' ?

4677 . The dry wind 'Santa Ana' blows in which country?

4678 . To which battle of the beginning of the British political sway over India can be traced?

4679 . Which animal which can tolerate more summer heat?

4680 . When does World Health Organization organise 'World Aids Day'?
1st December
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