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3761 . Who was the author of the famous work All Contributions to the Critic of Political Economy' ?
Karl Marx

3762 . Nobel Prize winning scientist James D. Watson is known for his work in which area?

3763 . By whom was the law of constant proportions enunciated?

3764 . Which state of India is the largest producer of lignite coal?
Tamil Nadu

3765 . Which Veda contains an account of magical charms and spells?

3766 . Which form an irreversible complex With haemoglobin of blood?
Carbon monoxide

3767 . Which House is better placed with regard to control over the executive?
Lok Sabha

3768 . Which groups suffer the most from inflation?

3769 . Where was the first state-owned fertilizer plant set-up in 1951?

3770 . When Alexander invaded India, who were the rulers of Magadha?
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3771 . Which is a programme that converts high level language to machine language?

3772 . What is the temperature at which the speed of sound in air becomes double its value of 0°C?

3773 . Chromosomes are made up of which main component?

3774 . On which date the earth is at the largest distance from the sun (Apehelion)?
July 4th

3775 . In the Delhi Sultanate, which administrative unit called Paragana was headed by an official?

3776 . For whose removal Parliament's resolution is not needed?
Judge of Supreme Court

3777 . Where is the headquarters of the International Fund for Agriculture Development?

3778 . Which case does stagflation imply?
Recession plus inflation

3779 . The Earth rotates-around an axis pointing towards which side?
The pole star

3780 . Which Sultan built the fifth storeys of Qutub Minar?
Firoz Shah Tughlaq
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3781 . What is the main constituent of haemoglobin?

3782 . By whom is the Prime Minister appointed?

3783 . Which substance is a bad conductor of electricity but a good conductor of heat?

3784 . When it is noon along 82° 30' longitude, along what degree of longitude it will be 6.30 a.m. ?
0°E or W

3785 . Where is Greeco-Roman influence in Indian art found ?

3786 . In which terms is the Rate of growth of an economy measured?
National income

3787 . Who wrote the poem, Subh-e Azadi?
Faiz Ahmed Faiz

3788 . How many bones are there in the human cranium?

3789 . Which plate movement is responsible for the formation of mid-ocean ridge?
Divergent movement

3790 . For whom was the Peacock throne made?
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3791 . To whom are the Ministers individually responsible?
The President

3792 . For an astronaut in a space ship, how does the sky appear?

3793 . Who is considered the father of Sahatara (Sitar) ?
Amir Khusro

3794 . Which is the highest plateau in the world?
Pamir Plateau

3795 . To whom was place for Amritsar given by Mughal emperor Akbar?
Guru Ram Das

3796 . Who is the ex-officio chairman of Planning Commission and National Development Council.
Prime Minister

3797 . Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the wall of which part?

3798 . Who is directly responsible to Parliament for all matters concerning the Defence Services of India?
Defence Minister

3799 . Which organisation prepares topographical maps of India?
Geographical Survey of India

3800 . By whom the Mahatma Gandhi was referred to 'Father of the Nation' first?
Subhash Chandra Bose
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