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3681 . Who is the executive head of a Municipal Corporation?

3682 . What is the maximum number of hydrogen bonds in a H2O molecule?

3683 . How is the contribution of agriculture to India's economy?

3684 . Which tributary of the Ganga System flows northwards?

3685 . Which Mughal ruler banned music and dancing?

3686 . Who is the first Air Chief to receive the honour of “Marshal” ?
Arjun Singh

3687 . Which chemical is most suitable to control storage insects on a small scale?
B. H. C.

3688 . How did Constituent Assembly arrived at decisions on the various provisions of the Constitution?
By consensus

3689 . Which river originates at Amarkantak ?

3690 . Who succeeded Siraj-ud-Daulah as Nawab of Bengal after the Battle of Plassey ?
Mir Jafar
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3691 . For television broadcasting, what frequency is employed normally?
30 – 300 MHz

3692 . Kourou city is well-known for which purpose?
Satellite launching

3693 . Which body finalises the Five Year Plan proposals?
National Development Council

3694 . Which are the leading states in the production of cotton in India?
Maharashtra and Gujarat

3695 . Where did Shahjahan build the Moti Masjid?

3696 . What is the study of the relation of animals and plants to their' surroundings called?

3697 . What was the most profound influence on the drafting of the Indian Constitution?
Government of India Act, 1935

3698 . The nitrogen percentage is the highest in which fertilizer?

3699 . Which State has the largest number of sugar mills?
Uttar Pradesh

3700 . Among which class did Indian National Congress find wide acceptance initially?
Educated middle class
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3701 . Which day is the International Human Rights Day?
December 10th

3702 . Bahadur Singh is a distinguished athlete of which game?

3703 . Which Biologist proposed the theory of Germ plasm?

3704 . Which pair of states is the leading producer of tabacco in India?
Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat

3705 . Who established Diwan-i-Mustakharaj (Department of Arrears)?
Alauddin Khalji

3706 . Citizenship provisions are enshrined in the Constitution in which article?
Part II, Articles 5-11

3707 . Which sound-produced by a bat?

3708 . For internal financing of Five Year Plans, the government depends on which source?
Taxation only

3709 . What is the distance of the nearest star besides the sun from the earth?
4.2 light years

3710 . Who deserves the credit for contruction of Lal Quila?
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3711 . How many players are there on each side in a baseball match?

3712 . Which vitamin is transformed in golden rice ?
Vitamin A

3713 . Under which Article of the Constitution are the Cultural and Educational Rights granted?
Article 29 and 30

3714 . Which celestial body besides earth bear, The Sea of Tranquility' and The Ocean of Storms' ?

3715 . Who was the daughter of Emperor Aurangzeb?

3716 . Which is the highest grade of coal whose surface is shining and has the highest calorific value?

3717 . Who among the following was the first Indian to receive the Magsaysay award?
Vinoba Bhave

3718 . What is the mean of 'Take off stage' in an economy?
Steady growth begins

3719 . In how many time zones has the world been divided into?

3720 . Which contains the Gayatri Mantra?
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