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3481 . What is deficit financing?
Spending in excess of revenue

3482 . Which snake is not poisonus?

3483 . Which State has no Panchayati Raj Institution at all?

3484 . Where is the Main hunting ground for blue whales located?
Arctic Ocean

3485 . Where did the INA trials took place?
Red Fort, Delhi

3486 . How are the magnetic field lines in the middle of a solenoid?
Parallel to the axis

3487 . The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty came into force in which year?

3488 . The United Nations declared 2010 as which International Year?

3489 . Which is called 'Herring Pond' ?
Atlantic Ocean

3490 . Who started the Bhoodan Movement?
Acharya Vinoba Bhave
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3491 . Which pigment is found in the blood of earthworm?

3492 . Which of appointment is not made by the President of India?
Speaker of the Lok Sabha

3493 . What is used in preparing match sticks?
Red phosphorus

3494 . Which is the home of “Alphonso” mango?

3495 . Of which sutra is the theam of the concept of Eight-fold path?
Dharma Chakara Pravartana Sutra

3496 . On which tax is the minimum effect of Direct Taxes?

3497 . Where were the first coffee forms established by English?
Chikmagalur district

3498 . In human body, which hormone regulates blood calcium and phosphate ?
Parathyroid hormone

3499 . Which State does not cultivate wheat?
Tamil Nadu

3500 . Who wrote the Kalpasutra ?
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3501 . Which rays can pass through 20 cm thickness of steel?

3502 . Which characteristic is common among parrot, platypus and kangaroo?
Functional post anal tail

3503 . In India, in which banking is the Public Sector is most dominant?
Commercial banking

3504 . Which does not have a unit of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) ?

3505 . Who was the British PM at the time of Revolt of 1857?

3506 . AIDS is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), What is this?
Retro virus

3507 . By whom was the Cabinet Mission to India headed?
Lord Pethick Lawrence

3508 . Phosgene is obtained by the reaction of carbon monoxide and which gas?

3509 . Where are Diesel locomotives manufactured?

3510 . Who advocated the policy of abolishing princely states in free India?
Jawaharlal Nehru
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3511 . Which petroleum refinery product has the lowest boiling point?

3512 . SIMBEX is an annual joint maritime bilateral exercise conducted between which countreis?
India and Singapore

3513 . By whom were Species Plantarum and Systema Natural written?

3514 . What is the process that result in the breakdown of rocks and minerals in situ ?

3515 . Who were considered constitutionalist within the Indian National Congress?
Satyamurty and K. M. Munshi

3516 . Which is a human right as well as a fundamental right under the Constitution of India?
Right to Education

3517 . Old-written material, which cannot be read easily, how can be read?
By infrared rays

3518 . Which is the largest Public Sector Bank in India?
State Bank of India

3519 . Which sets indicated the Aeolian process?
Corrosion,attrition, deflation

3520 . Who was instrumental in bringing the Extremists and the Moderates together at Lucknow?
Annie Besant
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