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2841 . Which is the first multipurpose river valley project of independent India?
Damodar Valley Corporation

2842 . Who was the first Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India?
Shri V. T. Krishnamachari

2843 . What is Amnesia?
Related to loss of memory

2844 . Recently reserves of diamond have been reported in Madhya Pradesh from which place?

2845 . By which name was Chanakya known in his childhood?

2846 . The Ninth Schedule was added by which Amendment?

2847 . The filament of an electric bulb is made of which metal?

2848 . Who is associated with Tashkent Agreement?
Lal Bahadur Shastri

2849 . Which metal is used for generation of Nuclear Power?

2850 . In India, where did the Dutch establish their earliest factory?
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2851 . Which two countries follow China and India in the decreasing order of their populations?
USA and Indonesia

2852 . What is the normal cholesterol level in human blood?
180-200 mg%

2853 . Which was the first woman film star nominated/ elected to the Rajya Sabha?
Nargis Dutt

2854 . Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh is famous for which metal?

2855 . Which was the first fort constructed by the British in India?
Fort St. George

2856 . On which conservation law, does a rocker work?
Angular momentum

2857 . To which duties is the system of value added taxation applicable?
Excise duties

2858 . Ogaden region has been a source of conflict between which countries?
Ethiopia and Somalia

2859 . Silver is obtained from the lead & Zinc ares of Zawar mines in which city?

2860 . In Indus Valley, which one indicates the commercial and economic development?
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2861 . Who is the youngest player to score a century in test cricket?
Mobd, Ashraful

2862 . Which was the lady to win the Wimbledon singles title successfully nine times?
Martina Navratilova

2863 . There are approximately howmany muscles in human body?

2864 . How does the earth rotate around its axis?
From west to east

2865 . Who 'was killed by Shivaji?
Afzal Khan

2866 . By whom is Agricultural Income Tax assigned to the State Governments?
By the Constitution of India

2867 . Which substance is used as antiknock compound?

2868 . Terms of economics, which recession occurring two times with a small gap in between?
Deep Recession

2869 . What is the plane of contact of the troposphere and stratosphere?

2870 . Who usurped the throne of Magadlia in 322 B. C. ?
Chandragupta Maurya
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2871 . Which personality is credited with starting 'Vana Mahotsava' in 1950 ?
K. M. Munshi

2872 . The deficiency of which leads to dental caries?

2873 . Trade Union comes under which List?
Concurrent list

2874 . Which instrument used for measuring relative humidity in air?

2875 . Who is said to have conquered the land between Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal ?

2876 . What is the SI unit of Young's modulus of elasticity?

2877 . 'I have nothing to offer except blood, sweat and tears' was said by which person?

2878 . What is the mean of Cheap Money?
Low Rate of Interest

2879 . Which is Zebras inhabit?
Savanna lands

2880 . Which ruler of southern India were the contemporaries of kings of the Gupta empire?
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