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2721 . What is Syrinx?
Voice box in Birds

2722 . By whom is the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected?
All the members of Lok Sabha

2723 . Which is the best conductor of electricity ?

2724 . Which of the planets is nearest to the earth?

2725 . In which year was the Indus Valley Civilisation discovered?

2726 . Which first woman to become a Chief Minister of any State in India?
Sucheta Kripalani

2727 . Howmany of Banks were nationalised since 1969?

2728 . Which modification of root does not store food?

2729 . Which planet is known as the Earth's Twin?

2730 . Purushsukta is a part of which veda?
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2731 . What does the special status of Jammu and Kashmir imply?
A separate Constitution

2732 . Through which material does sound travel slowest?

2733 . What are the brothers Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha?
Dhrupad vocalists

2734 . How much the equatorial circumference is greater than the polar circumference?
Approximately 68 km

2735 . Which was common both to the Harappan society and the Rigvedic society?

2736 . Which UN agency has its headquarters at Paris?

2737 . Vegetative propagation by stem cutting is generally foundation of which plant?

2738 . To whom is the Chief Minister of a State responsible?

2739 . What is the distance of the equator from either of the poles?
10,002 km

2740 . Who was the President of the First Buddhist Council held at Rajagriha?
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2741 . Who is the creator of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh?
Nek Chand

2742 . When did UN General Assembly establish UN Industrial Development Organization?

2743 . Which organelles in the cell, other than nucleus contains DNA?

2744 . In India which is the State with the largest area under very dense forests?
Arunachal Pradesh

2745 . By whom was the Asiatic Society established in Calcutta?
Sir William Jones

2746 . In which country did the concept of Public Interest Litigation originated?
The United States

2747 . The wavelength of X-rays is of the order of howmany angstrom?
1 Angstrom

2748 . A crossed cheque is one, which can be encashed only at which bank?
State Bank of India.

2749 . In which place is the headquarters of the North-Eastern Railway located?

2750 . Which reformer from Maharashtra was known as Lokhitavadi?
Gopal Hari Deshmukh
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2751 . In which year 'Human Rights Resolution' was adopted by the U.N. ?

2752 . What is infolding from the inner membrane of mitochondria called?

2753 . Which amendment curtailed the power of Judicial review of the Supreme Court and the High Courts?

2754 . Which National Highway connects Chennai and Visakhapatnarn ?
NH 5

2755 . Where was the sepoys revolted openly in 1857?

2756 . By which Carbon and hydrogen are estimated in organic compounds?
Liebig's method

2757 . Who wrote the book 'Reminiscences of the Nehru Age'?
O.P. Mathai

2758 . What do Quantitative credit controls not include?
RBI directives

2759 . Which is the largest irrigation canal of the world?
Indira Gandhi Canal

2760 . By whom was the Civil Disobedience Movement led in the North-West Frontier Province?
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
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