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2321 . Which country won the first World Cup cricket tournament in 1975 ?
West Indies

2322 . Who sings on One-rupee currency notes?
Finance Secretary of India

2323 . The first explosion of an atomic device in India was carried out in which state?

2324 . Which crops requires a cool growing season and a bright sun shine at the time of ripening?

2325 . In which state was the Nalanda University located in India?

2326 . Who got noble prize for artificial synthesis of DNA?

2327 . If the President wants to resign from office, he may do so by writing to whom?

2328 . Parimarjan Negi has excelled in which games?

2329 . Which state in India are the largest producers of sugarcane?
Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

2330 . Vikramshila Mahavihara was established by the ruler of which dyanasy?
Pala Dynasty
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2331 . Bachendri Pal became famous for her grand success in which field?

2332 . Mercury is transported in metal containers made of which metal?

2333 . By whom was Cell theory was propounded?
Schleiden and Schwann

2334 . What does lattitude place indicate?

2335 . Knowledge about the- existence of which animal is doubtful in the Indus VaElley Civilization?

2336 . What is the minimum age required for becoming the Prime Minister of India?
25 years

2337 . How is Indian economy ?
Mixed economy

2338 . Who is popularly known as Nightingale of India?
Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

2339 . What is the upper part of the mantle upon which the crust of the Earth floats called?

2340 . Which has proved the best source of information for depicting India's ancient history?
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2341 . When is World Day for Water, recognized by the UN observed?

2342 . What is the Biological death of a patient?
Death of tissues of the brain

2343 . Which writ may be issued to enforce a Fundamental Right?
Habeas Corpus

2344 . Which is the chief characteristic of wet and dry tropics?
Constant heating

2345 . Where was the Great Bath of the Indus Valley Civilization discovered?

2346 . What is a graph is plotted taking °C along the Y-axis and of K along the X-axis?
Straight line

2347 . What is the situation with increasing unemployment and inflation termed?

2348 . When is the 'World AIDS Day' observed all over the world?
1st December

2349 . The Hindustan steel Ltd. Durgapur has been set up with the help of which country?
United kingdom

2350 . Who was the Greek ambassador in the' court of Chandragupta Maurya?
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2351 . Inside the body, why does blood not coagulate?
Due to the presence of heparin

2352 . Department of Official Language (Raj Bhasha Vibhag) comes under which Ministries?
Ministry of Home Affairs

2353 . Acetyl salicylic acid is commonly used as which medicine?
A pain killer

2354 . Which is not a foot-loose industry?
Suger Industry

2355 . Megasthenese was the Ambassador of which rular?
Seleucus Nikator

2356 . Who has taken the highest number of wickets in Test Cricket?
Muttiah Muralitharan

2357 . Which can be used for checking inflation temporarily?
Decrease in money supply

2358 . Production of which is a function of the liver?

2359 . Which planet is known as 'Morning Star' ?

2360 . The Khajuraho shrines built by Chandella rulers are dedicated to which god?
Vishnu and Shiva
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