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2241 . Who has the authority to remove the Vice-President from his office before the expiry of his term?

2242 . Which is the most malleable metal?

2243 . For internal financing of Five Year Plans, the government depends on which source?
Taxation only

2244 . The altitudes of heavenly bodies appear to be greater than they actually are. Why is this?
Atmospheric refraction

2245 . During the Mughal period which trader first came to India?

2246 . A Fortgotten Empire', written by the renowned historian Robert Sewell, is about which Empire?
Vijaynagar Empire

2247 . Which group of plant produce naked seed?

2248 . What is the maximum strength of the nominated members in both the Houses of Parliament?

2249 . Who discovered the laws of planetary orbits?
Johannes Kepler

2250 . Which God lost his importance as the first deity during the Later Vedic period?
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2251 . Who gave the first experimental value of G?

2252 . Photochemical smog occurs in which climage?
Warm, dry and sunny climate

2253 . What is the Planning Commission?
An Advisory body'

2254 . What do the surface of Earth that lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic, of Capricorn?
Torrid Zone

2255 . Which is the most important divinity of Rigveda?

2256 . Which communicable disease is caused by bacteria?

2257 . Who is considered the guardian of the Public Purse?
Comptroller and Auditor General

2258 . What is the conversion of Fe++ to Fe+++?

2259 . What percentage of insolation is received by the earth's surface?

2260 . Who was the famous Indo-Greek king who embraced Buddhism?
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2261 . What is the name given to an almost circular coral reef inside which there is a lagoon?

2262 . Chocolates can be bad for health because of a high content of which element?

2263 . In which Photosynthesis occurs?

2264 . Which are the important species of the Mediterranean biome?
Pine, cedar, fir

2265 . At which place was the headless statue of Kanishka found?

2266 . Who has the power to form a new State within the Union of India?

2267 . By whom was Electron first identified?
J. J. Thomson

2268 . When was EXIM Bank set-up?

2269 . The annual average rate of net plant production is highest in which forests?
Temperate forest

2270 . The religious literature of the Jains at the early stage was written in which language?
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2271 . Which animal can tolerate more summer heat?

2272 . What is the estimation of age of woody plant by counting annual ring?

2273 . In whom the executive authority of the Union is vested by the Constitution?

2274 . Kula, Kufri, Kajjair and Dalhousie are all tourists place of which state?
Himachal Pradesh

2275 . Of which Religion-wise the sculpture were found at Kankali tila in Mathura?

2276 . Galvanised iron sheets have a coating of which metal?

2277 . By whom was the famous 'Kirti Stambha' at Chittor built?
Rana Kumbha

2278 . Which is at the apex of Industrial Finance in India?
Industrial Development Bank of India

2279 . Which state receives rainfall from north-east monsoons?
Tamil Nadu

2280 . Where are the traces of Portuguese culture found in India?
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