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1841 . Which root develops from any part of plant body except the radical?
Adventitious root

1842 . Cyclonic rainfall largely occurs in which country?

1843 . The final defeat of the Maratha Confederacy came during the time of which governor?

1844 . Which High Court has jurisdiction over the State of Arunachal Pradesh?

1845 . Between which bodies is one Astronomical Unit the average distance?
Earth and the Sun

1846 . Where are the headquarters of IMF and World Bank located?
Both Washington DC

1847 . What is the Molten rock below the surface of the earth?

1848 . In 'March 1925, who was elected as the President of the Central Legislative Assembly?
Vithalbhai Patel

1849 . Which is a World Bank group of five institutions?

1850 . In plant which one of the following tissues is dead?
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1851 . With which does the power to extend or restrict the jurisdiction of the High Court rest?
With the Parliament

1852 . Which is a chemical weathering process ?

1853 . In which year did Mahatma Gandhi return to India, leaving South Africa for ever?

1854 . Which non-metals is not a poor conductor of electricity?

1855 . When International Day of Older Persons, recognized by the UN is observed?

1856 . What was the earlier name of the WTO?

1857 . Which country is known as the 'Sugar bowl of the World' ?

1858 . Mahamastakabhisheka, a great religious event, is associated with and done for whom?

1859 . For the implantation of fertilize ova uterus secret which harmone?

1860 . A Judge of a High Court wanting to resign addresses his letter of resignation to whom?
The President
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1861 . In the short run, a producer,' how long continues his production?
Fixed cost

1862 . Which is the largest mosque in India?
Jama Masjid

1863 . Absorption of water by root occurs in the region of which parts?
Root hairs

1864 . What is the transfer of energy through matter from particle to particle?

1865 . The monuments at Khajuraho belong to the period of which rular?

1866 . When the Vice-President officiates as President, whose salary does he draw?

1867 . Which is the anti-knocking compound used in petrol-engines?
Tetra-ethyl Lead

1868 . Where did the first nuclear explosion in India take place?

1869 . Which last atmospheric layer has an altitude greater than 80 kilometers?

1870 . Kanchi was the capital of which rulers?
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1871 . Which place does Buyer's market denote?
The demand exceeds the supply

1872 . Which component of plants receives stimulus for flowering?

1873 . Which is the largest committee of Parliament of India?
Estimates Committee

1874 . Who was first to measure the circumference of the Earth?

1875 . In which year was Goa captured by the Portuguese?
1510 A.D.

1876 . In which process the internal energy of a system remains constant?

1877 . When is the 'National Science Day' celebrated in India?

1878 . United nations adopted a charter of Economic Rights in which year?

1879 . What is the position of a planet when it is nearest to the Sun,?

1880 . Which was the first fort constructed by the British in India?
Fort St. George
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