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1801 . Which is considered a hot-spot of biodiversity in India?
Western Ghats

1802 . What does the special status of Jammu and Kashmir imply?
A separate Constitution

1803 . Why are Metals good conductor of heat than insulator?
They contain free electrons

1804 . Where is pearl fishing well developed in India?
Off the coast at Rameshwaram

1805 . By whom was the rare work on architecture, Samarangana Sutradhara written?
Bhoja Paramara

1806 . Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?
Wilson Jones

1807 . Who was the first asian to have received the Nobel Prize?
R.N. Tagore

1808 . Which of a species describes the tropic function it fills in its environment?

1809 . What is the most important item of export among marine products from India?

1810 . Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to introduce the practice of 'Sijda' ?
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1811 . To whom is the Chief Minister of a State responsible?

1812 . A mixture of camphor and benzoic acid can be easily separated by which method?
Chemical method

1813 . Which is the oldest 'stock exchange of India?
Bombay Stock Exchange

1814 . What is the approximate equatorial circumference of the earth?
40,000 km

1815 . Which Sultan of Delhi imposed Jazfya on the Brahmins also ?
Firoz Tughlaq

1816 . Who got the 'Bharat Ratna' award, before becoming the President of India?
Dr. Zakir Hussain

1817 . Which vitamin is generally excreted by humans in urine?
Vitamin C

1818 . What is the source of maximum income to Panchayati Raj?
Government grants

1819 . Which is present in the largest amount in terms of percent by mass in the earth's crust?

1820 . The Mansabdari system introduced by Akbar from which system was it borrowed from?
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1821 . Which radiation emitted from the sun has highest wavelength?
Micro waves

1822 . What is a person of mixed European and Indian blood in Latin America is called?

1823 . The first Buddhist Council was held in which city?

1824 . When is World Environment Day, recognized by the UN observed?

1825 . Michael Ferreira is associated with which game/sport?

1826 . Which major chemical compound found in human kidney stones?
Calcium oxalate

1827 . Duncan Passage is located between which regions?
South and Little Andaman

1828 . Which was the Mughal Emperor who prohibited the use of tobacoo?

1829 . By whom was collective responsibility of the Cabinet introduced in India?
Constitution of India

1830 . Aluminium surface are often 'anodized'. This means deposition of a layer of which oxide?
Zinc oxide
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1831 . In which year was Railway Budget in India separated from general budget?

1832 . Which is the highest mountain peak in India?
Mt. K2

1833 . Who streamlined the Maratha administration after Shambhaji?
Raja Ram

1834 . Kamlesh Mehta has distinguished hems elf in which game/sport?
Table Tennis

1835 . Ultimate environmental hazard to mankind, why?
Due to Nuclear pollution

1836 . If a Minister of a State wants to resign, to whom he should address the letter of resignation?
Chief Minister

1837 . Which crop are grown mainly in the irrigated areas during Zaid ?
Moong and Urad

1838 . How were the ritualistic precepts attached to the hymns of the Vedas known?

1839 . The ozone layer in the atmosphere is at a height of about how many k.m.?
50 km

1840 . Rajiv Gandhi National Flying Institute is has been established in which State?
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