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1681 . How many orangutans disappear each year as result of palm oil farming?

1682 . Who decides about the reasonableness of the restrictions placed on Fundamental Rights?

1683 . Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with frequency, in the range of which unit?
Giga hertz

1684 . Mosses and Lichens are the characteristic vegetation of which region?
Tundra region

1685 . Who was a great ruler of Kalinga in ancient times?

1686 . Makers of which types sponsor Indian ace Narian Karthikeyan?

1687 . Where will the winter youth Olympics Games 2016 be held?

1688 . Which specy of rhinoceros is said to be the most critically endangered species?
Javan rhino

1689 . Trees with hardwood and dense canopy are generally found in which forests?
Evergreen forests

1690 . What was the language of the Satavahana inscription?
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1691 . By whom is the Separation of the Judiciary from the Executive enjoined?
Directive Principle

1692 . According to Dalton's atomic theory, which is the smallest particle which can exist independently?
An atom

1693 . Which Mahatma Gandhi series of currency notes issued by the RBI has “ecology” depicted on it ?
Rs. 100

1694 . In India, which type of forest occupy the largest area?
Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest

1695 . The great grammarian Patanjali of ancient India was whose contemporary?
Pushyamitra Sunga

1696 . Which was the first Asian lady swimmer to have crossed the English Channel?
Arati Saha

1697 . Which creature is featured on the logo for International Year of Biodiversity 2010?
A greater flamingo

1698 . To which Bill the President must accord his sanction without sending it back for fresh consideration?
Finance Bills

1699 . Where is Over 90% of the world's biomass?
In tropical rain forests

1700 . Who deciphered the Brahmi script?
James Princep
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1701 . Bimbavati Devi is a well-known dancer of which type of dance?

1702 . In which plan was the growth rate of agricultural production negative?
Third Plan

1703 . Which harmone is called emergency hormone?

1704 . Which Pairs is the highest peak of India?

1705 . What was the family of the Rigvedic Aryans?

1706 . On which day is the budget, in normal circumstances, presented to the Parliament?
The last day of February

1707 . Critical angle is minimum when a light ray passes which thing?
Glass to air

1708 . Who directed the world famous film 'The Gandhi'?
Richard Attenborough

1709 . When does the sun reaches its maximum angular distance from the equator?
At the solstice

1710 . What was the ancient name of Bengal?
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1711 . Who said, “God helps those who help themselves”?
Swami Vivekananda

1712 . Which enzyme take part in digestion of milk protein?

1713 . Right to Constitutional Remedies comes under which rights?
Fundamental Rights

1714 . When does the South Pole experiences continuous light?
At winter solstice

1715 . Solankis were the rulers of which state?

1716 . 'IC chips' for computers are usually made of which metal?

1717 . During which Five Year Plan was the total expenditure on agriculture the highest?
Fourth Five Year Plan

1718 . Which country has won women's World Cup Kabaddi?

1719 . Where are the Most of the Japanese industries are located?
On the Hokkaido coast

1720 . Which Mughal king tried to stop the practice of sati ?
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