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1321 . Which bowler has taken Gavaskar's wicket the maximum times?
D.Underwood of England 12 times

1322 . What is the record for most runs scored in a Test match?
G.Gooch of England. 456 runs (333 & 123 against (India) at Lord's in 1990-91.

1323 . What is the record for most sixes hit in an innings in First class cricket?
15 sixes.Hit by Johan Reid,Wellington v/s Northern Districts,1962-63

1324 . Who is the youngest player to score a double century in Test Cricket?
Javed Miandad.He was 19 years,141 days when he scored 206 against N.Zealand at Karachi in 1976-77.

1325 . Where are the world's largest diamond and gold mining areas?
Kimberley in South Africa

1326 . Which is the largest silver producing country in the world?

1327 . What was the former name of Ghana?
Gold Coast or 'Land of Gold'.

1328 . Which is the largest bay in the world?
In area,the Bay of Bengal is the largest.However,in shore line length, the Hudson Bay is the largest

1329 . Which is the largest delta formed by two rivers?
That created by the Ganga & Brahmaputra in West Bengal and Bangladesh

1330 . Which is the deepest lake in the world?
Ozero (lake) Baykal in Central Siberia
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1331 . Can the giraffe outspeed the Kangaroo?
Yest. At 35 miles (56 km) an hour

1332 . How many claws does a crab have?
Five pairs

1333 . Name the largest freshwater lake.?
Lake Superior

1334 . Name the most poisonous fish.?

1335 . Mafia is a secret society operating in different parts of the world. Which place is considered to be its origin?
Sicily Italy

1336 . Name the fastest fish in the world.?
Atlantic Sailfish

1337 . Who founded the Maurya dynasty in ancient India?
Chandragupta Maurya

1338 . Where in Maharashtra are frescoes that depict the Jataka Stories?
At Ajanta, near Ellora caves.

1339 . Who was the Chinese pilgrim who visited India during the time of Harsha?
Hiuen Tsang.

1340 . The Vijayanagar kings fought frequent wars with the?
Bahamani Sultans
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1341 . Which is the crime that is most often mentioned in the Rjgveda?

1342 . In Jainism a small group of people were called Ganadharas. Who were they?
The close disciples of Mahavira were called Ganadharas.

1343 . Who was responsible for establishing the order of nuns in Buddhism?
Ananda, the personal attendant of Buddha, was largely responsible for the admission of Gautami (the widowed stepmother of Buddha) into the Sangha. This was the beginning of the order of nuns.

1344 . Who was Kanaklata Barua?
Kanaklata Barua played an important role in the freedom struggle. She was shot dead while holding the congress flag during the Quit India movement.

1345 . Humayun died at the age of?
48 years

1346 . Which ruler helped Humayun recover Kandahar and Kabul?
The Ruler of Persia.

1347 . Who wrote the Arthashastra?

1348 . By which name do we know the ancient city of Prayag?

1349 . Who was the sole representative of the Congress at the second Round Table Conference?
Mahatma Gandhi.

1350 . The Grand Trunk road was built during the reign of?
Shersa Suri
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1351 . Why is the Gross National Income always more than Net National Income?
Direct taxes

1352 . What is grown in field by their plantlet?

1353 . In which list are the Central Government's exclusive powers enumerated?
Union List

1354 . What is a line on a weather map joining all places of equal pressure called?

1355 . With which one of the following is the classic 'Jivaka Chintamani' associated?

1356 . What does TV remote control unit use to operate a TV set?
Radio waves

1357 . Who is considered as 'trimutri' (Trinity) of Carnatic Music?
Muthuswami Dikshitar

1358 . Late Girilal jain was a noted figure in which fields?

1359 . The tornadoes are very strong tropical cyclones originating in which sea?
Caribbean sea

1360 . By whom were Sakas were finally overthrown?
Gautamiputra Satakarni
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