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1281 . Bharat natyam originated in?

1282 . Late Mahadevi Verma received the Jnanpith Award for her book?

1283 . The recipient of the Dada Saheb phalke Award for 1997 was?
Shivaji Ganesan

1284 . The first novel written by R.K.Narayan was?
Swami & his friends

1285 . The lady who is Story writer,film actress,film Producer,singer,film director and music Director and who hails from Andhra Pradesh is?

1286 . Father and son who won the Dada Saheb Phalke Award was?
Prithvi Raj Kapoor & Raj Kapoor

1287 . `Life of Mahatma Gandhi' was written by?
Louis Fisher

1288 . The instrument used by Amir Khusro was?

1289 . The real name of the famous writer Mark Twain is?
Samuel Clemens

1290 . Harsha Charita was written by?
Bana Bhatta
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1291 . The full name of R.K.Narayan was?
Rasipuram Krishna Swamy Ayyar Narayan

1292 . Asia's largest slum is located at?

1293 . The Department of Environment was set up in?
1980 AD

1294 . Data is fed into the computer by first converting it into?
Binary codes

1295 . The number of bones in the giraffe's neck is?

1296 . A fox's tail is called a?

1297 . A female Ass is called as?

1298 . The young once of a tiger are called?

1299 . A squirrel's home is called a?

1300 . A group of snakes are called a?
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1301 . A group of foxes are called a?

1302 . The word hamster means?

1303 . A group of cats are called a?

1304 . The word langur means?
Long tailed

1305 . The Science of fossils is called?

1306 . A young kangaroo is called a?

1307 . A young pigeon is called a?

1308 . The word reptile means?
To creep

1309 . Which is the longest strait in the world?
Tartar Straits

1310 . In which part of the world is the river Snake?
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1311 . Which is the tallest race in the world?
The Tutsi,they live in Central Africa and have an average height of 185 cms. or 6 ft. 1 inch.

1312 . Name the International Line forming the border between India and China on the eastern side.?
The Mc Mohan Line

1313 . Which is the largest port in the world?
New York Har

1314 . Which is the longest river in Asia?
The river Ob(5538 kms) in the U.S.S.R.

1315 . Of which crop is Bangladesh the greatest producer in the world?

1316 . What is the science of coins & medals called?

1317 . What is amnesia?
Loss or impairment of memory

1318 . What is a young cow called?

1319 . Which language is known as Cape Dutch?

1320 . Which batsman scored a century in a First Class Match without a single boundary?
Bill Woodfull of Australia; 118 runs
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