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1201 . Sex determination of child is done by whose chromosome?

1202 . Who is authorised to decide over a dispute regarding disqualification of a member of Parliament?

1203 . Who firstly demonstrated experimentally the existence of electromagnetic wave?

1204 . Which is not essentially a species of the Himalayan vegetation?

1205 . What are the main channels of our knowledge about the Indus Valley Civilization?
Archaeological excavations

1206 . When is International Human Solidarity Day observed?

1207 . The United Nations declared 2001 as which International Year?
International Year of Volunteers

1208 . What is the effect of overseretion of harmone from pituitary gland?
Increase growth in lenght

1209 . Which type of forest covers the maximum area in India?
Tropical moist deciduous forest

1210 . What was the rate of land revenue as 'given in the dharma shastras ?
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1211 . The Lok Sabha is called in session for at least how many times in a year'?

1212 . Heating pyrites in air to remove sulphur is known as which name?

1213 . If the cash-reserve ratio is lowered by the Central bank, what will be its effect on credit creation?

1214 . The Matatila multipurpose project is located in which state?
Uttar Pradesh

1215 . What did the name 'Ratnakara' denoted In ancient Indian historical geography?
The Indian Ocean

1216 . 'Queen's berry Rules' is the name. give to the rules in which game?

1217 . By whom the concept of survival of the fittest as advanced?
Herbert Spencer

1218 . When can the salaries of High Court judges be reduced?
During a Financial Emergency

1219 . Which shipyard is known for the manufacture of bargets, coasters and dredgers?
Garden Reach Shipyard

1220 . In which country was Buddhism first propogated outside India?
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1221 . What is the range of Prithvi III, the naval version of Prithvi ?
250 km-300 km

1222 . What is the oxidation number and covalency-of sulphur in S8?
0, 2

1223 . What is the life of RBC in human blood?
120 days

1224 . The emission of which greenhouse gase of which entirely anthropogenic?

1225 . Who sent Hienu-Tsang as an envoy to Harsha's' court?
Tai Tsung

1226 . From which fund is the pension of a High Court Judge charged?
Consolidated Fund of India

1227 . What is an essential attribute of inflation?
Increase in prices

1228 . Which is a medium range surface to air missile?

1229 . What is the transition zone between two Ecosystems called?

1230 . Who constructed the world famous Jagannath Temple at Puri?
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1231 . In a compound microscope, how is the intermediate image?
Real, inverted and magnified

1232 . By which can Foetus development in woman's womb be ascertained?
By Ultrasound

1233 . For howmany month can the proclamation of emergency at the first instance be restricted?
6 months

1234 . What is Lunar Sea?
A dark plain on the moon

1235 . Which animal was known to ancient Vedic people?

1236 . Which day is celebrated as the International Labour Day?

1237 . What is the best means of saving during inflation?

1238 . What is the substance which decreases the rate of a chemical reaction?

1239 . What is the approximate diameter of the earth?
12,800 Km

1240 . Which is the source of information about early Vedic period?
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