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921 . What is the largest lymphatic organ of the body?

922 . Indian Constitution recognises minorities on which basis?

923 . What does Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles produce as “exhaust”?

924 . Which is a landlocked country?

925 . Who deserves the credit for the construction of Lal Quila at Agra ?

926 . In Which city the Asian Games first took place?
New Delhi

927 . Which place does Buyer's market denote?
The demand exceeds the supply

928 . Where is Pituitary gland present?
Below the brain

929 . Nine Degree Channel separate which regions?
Lakshadweep and Minicby

930 . Who Gandhian follower was a teacher by profession?
J. B. Kriplani
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931 . How the Constitution describes India?
As a Union of States

932 . What is an example of Miscelles System here?
Soap + Water

933 . Ismat Chughtai is associated with which field?

934 . Lakshadweep Islands are the product of which creature?
Reef formation

935 . Who conceived the idea of Pakistan?
Chowdhary Rahmat Ali

936 . In which festival are boat races a special feature?

937 . Which part of human brain is most highly developed as compared to others?

938 . Between which a government is federal or unitary on the basis of relations?
Centre and States

939 . Which oil fields of India is the oldest and still producing oil?

940 . Which Mughal Emperor introduced the policy of Sulah-i-kul?
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941 . Respiration can occur in the absence of oxygen in which thing?

942 . How many times was the term of the Lok Sabha extended upto 6 years?

943 . Optic fibres are mainly used for which purpose?

944 . Asia has large areas of inland drainage. Why is it so ?
Rainfall is seasonal and scanty

945 . Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born in which year?

946 . Which was the first to legalize euthanasia?

947 . Chanda Kochhar leads to which of the organisation?

948 . What is the selectively permeable membrane of the cell?
Plasma lemma

949 . Which country in Africa has luxurious tropical rain forests?
Ivory coast

950 . Where has the largest concentration of Harappan sites been found?
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951 . In which of the Parliamentary Financial Committees is the Rajya Sabha not represented?
Estimates Committee

952 . Which compound gives both ninhydrin test and Molisch's test?
A protein

953 . In which year was Tax collection of Central govt. lowest as compare to G.D.P.?

954 . The greatest diversity of animal and species occurs in which forest?
Tropical moist forest

955 . Where was a copper chariot of Harappa times was discovered?
At Daimabad

956 . Baan Ki-moon, the UNO Secretary-General belong to whiich country?
South Korea

957 . Which unicellular non-pathogenic parasite is found in the human intestine?
E, coli

958 . The States Reorganisation Act created howmany States and Union Territories?
14 and 6

959 . In which valley is the Himalayan pass Shipki La located?
Sutlej valley

960 . Which Chola ruler converted the Bay of Bengal into a 'Chela lake'?
Rajendra I
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