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721 . What is the respect for the National Flag and National Anthem?
Fundamental Duty of every citizen

722 . What is the principle by which a cooling system (Radiator) in a motor car works?

723 . Which ruler established embassies in foreign countries on modern lines?
Tipu Sultan

724 . In India, how many States share the coastline?

725 . Which struggley of Mahatma Gandhi was related to Industrial worker?
Ahmedabad Struggle

726 . Why was Mashelkar Committee constituted?
Auto fuel policy

727 . Which branch of biology in which we-study about cultivation of flowering plant?

728 . Ministers in a State get salaries, by whom is it as determined?
State Legislature

729 . Which State of India, has the oldest rock formations in the country?

730 . Who was associated with Kakori Conspiracy case?
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731 . Select the compound in which chlorine shows oxidation state + 7?

732 . Whose successful book include circle of Reason and shadow lines?
Amitav Ghosh

733 . The Lord of Rings The Return of the King won Oscar award in how many categories?

734 . The concept of carbon credit originated from which protocal?
Kyoto Protocol

735 . From which site, was the famous Bull-seal of Indus Valley found?

736 . What is the process in which water is split during photosynthesis?

737 . From which fund are the salary and allowances of the Governor charged?
Consolidated Fund of the State

738 . If an ideal gas is isothermally expanded, what will its internal energy?
Remain the same

739 . The daily and annual range of temperature is minimum in which area?
Hot desert

740 . Who is the expounder of yoga philosophy?
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741 . 'Hydraulic brakes' and 'Hydraulic lift' are devices, why are fluids used in them?
For transmitting pressure

742 . Which person won seven gold medals in swimming for the U.S. in the 1972 Olympic?
Mark Spitz

743 . Which Agriculture export item is second in case of India?

744 . Which lake in India has the highest water salinity?

745 . Who organised Ashwamedha Yajna?

746 . Which sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in India ?
Electric power generation

747 . Why was the design of the National Flag was adopted by the Constitutent Assembly of India?

748 . Which isotope of uranium capable of sustaining chain reactions?

749 . Which region has internal drainage?

750 . Which sources of Islam is associated with the teachings of Prophet Mohammad?
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751 . Who has become the first Indian to score a triple century in Tests?
Virender Sehwag

752 . In which sports Rajjyavardhan Rathore won a Silver medal in the Beijing Olympics?

753 . Why does Flower colour?
Due to anthocyanins

754 . Kurnool-Cuddapah canal is taken off from which river?

755 . Who was the Mughal Emperor to have lifted the Jaziya on Hindus?

756 . Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of India?
Either House of Parliament

757 . Which is natural source of gamma-rays?
Radon gas

758 . Who was the first Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India?
Shri V. T. Krishnamachari

759 . Kudremukh hills known for iron ore deposits is situated in which place?

760 . Who was defeated at kannauj in the hands of Sher Shah in 1540?
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