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401 . Which is India's oldest iron and steel plant?
TISCO at Jamshedpur

402 . Belladona medicine is obtained by which part of Atropa belladona?
From leaf

403 . To whom does UPSC submit its annual report on its work?
The Union Home Minister

404 . Which city in india never experiences Vertical rays of the sun during noon?
New Delhi

405 . By whom was the 'Jaziya' abolished?

406 . Why is Weightlessness experienced in spaceship?
Due to absence of gravity

407 . In which year, Economic Community of West African States came into existence?

408 . Which year is celebrated as International Year of Astronomy?

409 . Which is the most of India's rainfall?

410 . By whom was capital of the Mughal Empire shifted from Agra to Delhi?
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411 . Which plant produces seed but not fruit?

412 . The President of the Indian Union has the same constitutional authority as which country?
British Monarch

413 . Which is a major constituent of Biogas?

414 . Which Grasslands not support any trees?

415 . Which was known as Chalco-lithic Age?
Copper-stone Age

416 . Which industry in India was worst affected because of the partition?
Jute and Cotton

417 . Which is produced by rain water action?

418 . Which ore contains both calcium and magnesium?

419 . Where is the greatest average annual precipitation?
In Philippines

420 . Alberuni lived during the period of which king?
Mahmud Ghaznavi
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421 . India is self sufficient in production of which of the following commodities?

422 . Which country is not a member of SAARC?

423 . Independent alternation of generation is found in which plant?

424 . Because of which factor, clouds do not precipitate in deserts?
Low humidity

425 . Which Sikh Gurus started the Gurumukhi script ?
Guru Angad

426 . What does the Constitution name our country?
India, that is Bharat

427 . Which glass is used in bullet proof screens?
Reinforced glass

428 . Which is the official language of West African Development Bank?

429 . The albedo of which cloud is the highest?
Cirrus cloud

430 . Who was the Finance Minister under Shivaji?
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431 . By which income individual's actual standard of living can be assessed?
Disposable Personal Income

432 . Chekori powder is obtain from which part of plant?

433 . Right to Constitutional Remedies comes under which rights?
Fundamental Rights

434 . What is the capital of Lakshadweep?

435 . Who was given the title of Andhra-Kavita- Pitamaha ?

436 . Thermal radiations are electromagnetic wave belonging to which region?
Infrared region

437 . Which is considered as the drug of last resort for human being?

438 . Which is used as a fuel in Nuclear power stations in India?

439 . Which is the second highest peak in the world?
K-2 (Godwin Austin)

440 . Which Sultan of Delhi introduced measures for improving the quality of fruits?
Firoz shah Tughlaq

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