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3961 . Which what is nucessary for digestion of food ?

3962 . Why are the Fundamental Freedoms under Article 19 suspended during emergency?
War or external aggression

3963 . Which type of isomerism is shown by diethyl ether and methyl propyl ether?

3964 . Which river flows through a rift valley?

3965 . Which Mahajanapada was situated on the bank of river Godawari ?

3966 . Who is the author of the book 'Nineteen Eighty Four'?
George Orwell

3967 . Who is most benefitted from inflation?

3968 . Which element is depleted most from the soil after a crop is harvested?

3969 . The Naga hills form the watershed between India and which country?

3970 . Which dynasty was ruling over North India at the time of Alexander's invasion?
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3971 . What does the theory of Fundamental Rights imply?
Limited government

3972 . On which principle does Rocket work?
Conservation of momentum

3973 . Who is the author of the best seller book 'No Full stops in India'?
Mark Tully

3974 . In the realm of coal production in the world, what is the rank of india?

3975 . Amir Khusrau played a pioneer rule in the development of which thing?
Khari Boli

3976 . Who is the leading wicket taker in the history of Test Cricket?
Muttiah Muralitharan

3977 . Which animal-that eats both plants and animals?

3978 . By whom is the Governor is appointed?

3979 . Which has the largest number of sugar mills?
Uttar Pradesh

3980 . Where is the Shrine of Hazarat Nizamuddin Auliya is situated?
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3981 . Who has written the book 'My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir'?

3982 . Which substance is more than 80% in the cell?

3983 . Which language is Next to Hindi spoken by the largest number of people in the Indian subcontinent?

3984 . Which planet have thirteen moons?

3985 . Which was the chariler Act to close the trade of East India?

3986 . Which are the high-temperature superconductors?
Ceramic oxides

3987 . The United Nations declared 1994 as which International Year?
International Year of the Family

3988 . Who is regarded as the founder of the scientific Socialism?
Karl Marx

3989 . One degree of longitude on the equator is equal to howmuch distance?
50 miles

3990 . With which period do we associate the 'megaliths' ?
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3991 . National Environmental Engineering research institute is situated in which city?

3992 . In which part of the Constitution the concept of Welfare State finds elaboration?
Directive Principles

3993 . Which common devices works on the basis of the principle of mutual induction?

3994 . Where is the maximum difference in the spacing of longitudes?
At equator

3995 . When the first metal tool came into being why was it used for?
Clearing jungles

3996 . Misha Grewal is associated with which game/sport?

3997 . Amar Singh Sokhi is remembered for his performance in which sports event?

3998 . Which Pollutant is produced from vehicles that cause mental diseases?

3999 . What is Water vapour beyond the dew point?

4000 . When did the concept of pollution emerge clearly?
In the Post-Vedic period
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