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241 . In which technology do Cryogenic engines find applications?
Rocket technology

242 . Shovna Narayan is a reputed personality in which field?
Classical dance

243 . During which Plan did prices show a decline?

244 . Which instrument used for finding out wind-direction?
wind vane

245 . Which ports handled the north Indian trade during the Gupta period?

246 . Which vitamin is considered to be a hormone?

247 . On the basis of financial crisis howmany times has emergency been declared by the President of India?
Not even once

248 . Which is the element found on the surface of the moon?

249 . Why is 'Beaufort Scale' used ?
To measure wind velocity

250 . Which Tomar ruler is credited to have established Delhi?
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251 . 'My Music, My Life' is the autobiography of which person?
Pt. Ravi Shankar

252 . Which was the first talkie film of India?
Alam Ara

253 . Through which Translocation of food materials in plants takes place?

254 . When does Relative humidity decreases?
With increased temperature

255 . Who was the Sultan of Delhi who is reputed to have built the biggest network of canals in India?
Feroze Shan Tughlaq

256 . What type of Party system has been evolved in India?

257 . A man with a dark skin, in comparison with a man with a white skin, What will experience?
Less heat and less cold

258 . Which bank is the Banker of the Banks?

259 . Where are a large number of species are found within a small unit of area?
Wet evergreen equatorial forests

260 . Krishnadeva Raya wrote a famous work, namely Amuktamalyada, in which language?
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261 . Folk painting 'Madhubani' is famous in which state?

262 . Which is the tree requiring minimum water for its growth?

263 . Which post does the Constitution of India does not mention?
The Deputy Prime Minister

264 . Which country is the largest producer of Bauxite?

265 . Which Indian rulers was a contemporary of Akbar?
Rani Durgawati

266 . How are Oxygen and ozone?

267 . From where did India introduce cultivation of tobacco/tapioca/ pineapple?
South America

268 . When was the Reserve Bank of India taken over by the Government?

269 . Which is found on the western coast of continents between 30° and 40° latitudes?
Mediterranean Climate Region

270 . Which school of paintings developed independently during the Mughal Period?
The Bijapur School
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271 . In which is 'Foot and Mouth Disease' found?

272 . Who decides the number of Judges in a High Court?

273 . What denotes the smallest temperature?
1° on the Kelvin scale

274 . In which latitudes largest quantities of bauxite is found?
Tropical latitudes

275 . Which was the first English ship that came to India?
Red Dragon

276 . Which tree, once very popular in social forestry, is now taken to be environmental hazard?

277 . Foot-and-Mouth disease in animals, a current epidemic in some parts of the world, By which is this caused?

278 . In which animal is respiration done by skin?

279 . The Ruhr-Westphalia region is a famous industrial region of which country?

280 . Which was the first newspaper to be published in India?
Bengal Gazette
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