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1 . Which bowler has bowled the maximum balls in a Test Match?
S.Ramadin bowled 774 balls against England in the 1957 Test series

2 . When did India play her first official One Day International Match?
Against England on July 13, 1974

3 . What is Sunil Gavaskar's highest First Class Cricket Score?
340 run against Bengal in 1981-82

4 . Which batsman has hit the maximum centuries in First Class Cricket?
Jeek Hobbs of England 197 centuries

5 . Which bowler has the most expensive bowling analysis in a World Cup Match?
M.Snedden of N.Zealand,against England during 1983 world cup : 12-01-105-02

6 . Which bowler has the most economical bowling analysis in a World Cup Match?
B.S. Bedi of India, 12-8-6-1 against E.Africa in 1975 World Cup

7 . What was Sachin Tendulkar's age in his Test debut for India?
16 years 201 days

8 . Against which bowler did Gavaskar take his 10,000th run in Test cricket?
Ejaz Fakih of Pakistan in the Ahmedabad Test of the 1986-87 series

9 . Name the first batsman to hit a triple century in Test cricket?
England's Walter Hammond

10 . Name the inventor of snooker?
Nevil Bowles Chamberlain
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11 . When and where did Basketball originate?
1891; Springfield,Massauchusetts

12 . In which country did Rugby originate?

13 . Which martial art was created by the Japanese, Dr.Jigoro Kano?

14 . Of which country is baseball a national game?
The U.S.A.

15 . In which country was the backstroke swimming invented?

16 . Who are the participants of the 'Special Olympic Games'?
Mentally retarded children & adults

17 . When and where were the first 'Special Olympic Games' held?
1968 in the U.S.A.

18 . Who is known as the father of Modern Olympic Games?
Barren D'Kobertin

19 . Mention the name of the award given to the famous cricketer Sunil Gavaskar by the Indian Government?
Padma Bhushan

20 . Which athlete is known as the Flying Sikh?
Milkha Singh
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21 . When was Basketball Federation of India established?

22 . In which year P.T. Usha was declared as the best Athlete in World Railway Games?

23 . When was Basket Ball included in olympics?

24 . Who won the Grand Slam in tennis for the first time?
Donald Budge

25 . With which game is Zafar Iqbal associated?

26 . For which game is the Indira Gold Cup being awarded?
Women's Hockey

27 . Who is named the wizard of Hockey?
Major Dhyan Chand of India

28 . Who was the youngest player to make a century in cricket Tests?
Mustaq Mohammed of Pakistan

29 . What is the full name of Pele,the football player?
Edmond Arantos Nessimente De Pele

30 . When was Football first included in the Olympics?
1900 Paris Olympics
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31 . Which is the oldest Football tournment?
Durand Cup Tournament

32 . Which is the national game of America?
Base Ball

33 . Who is known as the Chess king?
Boby Fisher

34 . The Abdul Razak Trophy is awarded in which sports?

35 . Mention the name of the International shooter who was also Maharaja of Bikaner?
Karni Singh

36 . Who is nicknamed as 'Haryana Hurricane'?
Kapil Dev

37 . Who became the youngest Asian to swim the English Channel?
Abhijit Rao of India

38 . Who is the first woman in the woman to cross the strart of Gibraltar?
Arti Pradhan

39 . In which country did Golf originate?

40 . Which award is given to the persons who have excelled in the field of coaching?
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