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121 . SCR stands for?
Silicon Controlled Rectifier

122 . A device used to increase or decrease electric voltageis called a?

123 . A magnetic tape that records both audio and video signals is called a?
Video Tape

124 . The first electronic calculator was manufactured in 1963 by?
Bell Punch Company,USA

125 . MASER stands for?
Microwave Amplification by stimulated Emission of Radiation

126 . A computer which can handle a large volume of numbers is called a?
Number cruncher

127 . POST stands for?
Power on Self Test

128 . POST is a test carried out just after the computer has been?
Switched on

129 . An index of the files stored on a disk is called?

130 . CP/M stands for?
Control program for Microcomputers
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131 . CP/M was developed by?
digital Research Inc.,USA

132 . MVS stands for?
Multiple Virtual Storage Operating System

133 . MVS is used in?
Mainframe computers

134 . The process of starting a computer is called?

135 . A group of four binary digits is called a?

136 . BPI stands for?
Bit per Inch

137 . A smart card is a?
multifunctional microprocessor

138 . LIPS stands for?
Logical Inferences Per Second

139 . A computerized machine is normally called a?

140 . A robot is a machine directed by a?
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141 . A robot which resembles a human being is called an?

142 . PL/1 stands for?
Programme Language-1

143 . The language PL/1 has combined features of?

144 . BASIC stands for?
Begineers All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

145 . COBOL stands for?
Common Busines Oriented Language

146 . ALGOL stands for?
Algorithmic Language

147 . ALGOL was developed in the early 1960s in?

148 . COBOL was first introduced in the year?

149 . FORTRAN stands for?
Formula Translation

150 . FORTRAN was developed and introduced by IBM in the year?
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151 . PL/1 was introduced in the 1960s by?

152 . COMAL stands for?
Common Algorithmic Language

153 . BASIC was developed by?
John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz

154 . SNOBOL stands for?
String Oriented Symbolic Language

155 . SNOBOL was developed in?

156 . LISP stands for?
List Processing Language

157 . LISP was developed by?
John McCarthy

158 . Loud speaker was invented by?
Rice Kellogg

159 . PROM stands for?
Programmable Read Only Memory

160 . Two types of RAM chips are?

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