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41 . The force which makes an electric current is called?
Electromotive Force

42 . Device used for measuring small amounts of electric current is called?

43 . Sound too low to be heard by humans is called?

44 . VDU stands for?
Visual Display Unit

45 . One kilobyte is approximately?
1000 bytes

46 . DOS stands for?
Disk Operating System

47 . WORD STAR is a popular?
Word processing programme

48 . WORD STAR was developed by?
Micro pro Company

49 . PC stands for?
Personal Computer

50 . ALU stands for?
Arithmetic Logic Unit
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51 . The VDU and Keyboard together form a?

52 . The speed of the dot matrix printers is measured by CPS which stands for?
characters per second

53 . The speed of the line printers is measured by LPM which stands for?
Lines per second

54 . DBMS stands for?
Database Management System

55 . IBM is a famous computer company.IBM stands for?
International Business Machines Corporation

56 . ROM stands for?
Read Only Memory

57 . The actual machine of the computer is commonly known as?

58 . The programs run on the computer are commonly known as?

59 . All the output which is printed on paper is called?
Hard Copy

60 . The number of pixels on a computer screen determines a screes's?
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61 . A processor's speed is measured in?

62 . A software that assists the computer in performing instructions,is called as?
system software

63 . CAM stands for?
Computer Aided Manufacturing

64 . DPI stands for?
Dots per Inch

65 . DTP stands for?
Desk Top Publishing

66 . EPROM stands for?
erasable and Programmable Read only Memory

67 . A magnetic storage disk made out of a thin piece of plastic is called?
Floppy Disk

68 . A pictorial representation of the step by step sequence for solving a problem is known as a?
Flow Chart

69 . A measure of storage capacity equal to one thousand megabytes is one?

70 . A variable whose value is accessible throughout the program is called?
Global Variable
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71 . A huge,worldwide network of computers that communicate with each other,allowing global communications between users is known popularly known as?

72 . KB stands for?

73 . LAN stands for?
Local Area Network

74 . A printer which uses light to transfer the image to paper is the?
Laser Printer

75 . Memory which retains all its contents even after the power is turned off is known as?
Non-Volatile Memory

76 . The result that is generated by the computer after processing the information provided to it is known as?

77 . Electronic mail is more popularly known as?

78 . PILOT stands for?
Programmed Inquiry Learning Or Teaching

79 . PILOT was developed by?
Doug Engelbardt

80 . IQL stands for?
Interactive Query Language
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