General Knowledge

General Knowledge Science

1 . The unit of frequency is?

2 . The unit of resistance is?

3 . The device which makes or breaks a circuit is?

4 . The path of an electric current is known as a?

5 . Device which opposes the flow of electric current is known as?

6 . Arc Lamp was invented by?

7 . Television was invented by?

8 . Transistor was invented by?
J.Bardeen,W.Shockley and W.Brattain

9 . The unit of wavelength of light is?

10 . A device which converts light into electricity is known as?
Photo cell
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11 . Hertz was the first to discover?
Radio waves

12 . Marconi invented?

13 . In 1901,Marconi beamed a signal from Cornwall in England to?

14 . Thomas Edison was an?
American inventor

15 . A glass tube with two electrodes is called a?

16 . Lee de Forest was an?
American scientist

17 . Lee de Forest discovered the?

18 . Radio and television transmit signals using?
Electromagnetic waves

19 . To turn pictures into electrical signals,television Cameras rely on?
Photo-electric effect

20 . Transistor was invented in the year?
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21 . The first electronic components invented were the?
Thermionic valves

22 . Microchip was invented in the year?

23 . Microchip was invented by?
Jack Kilby

24 . The microchip invented first was also the first?
Integrated circuit

25 . Silicon and germanium are ideal examples of?
Semi conductors

26 . LED stands for?
Light Emitting Diode

27 . The first computer was invented in the year?

28 . The first computer was invented by?
Charles Babbage

29 . The first computer invented was called?
Analytical Engine

30 . In the present day electronic machines,computers function as?
Artificial brains
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31 . CAD means?
Computer Aided Design

32 . CPU stands for?
Central Processing Unit

33 . RAM stands for?
Random Access Memory

34 . J.J. Thomson was a?
British physicist

35 . In 1897,J.J.Thomson discovered?

36 . A device used for increasing the strength of electric signal is called?

37 . The height of a wave is called?

38 . An electron carries a charge?

39 . In a transistor,a base is the?
Filling in the semiconductor sandwich

40 . The tube behind the screen in TVs and most computers is called?
Cathode Ray Tube
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