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281 . What was the title of the ruler of Calicut (Kozhikode)?

282 . When was the Sharada Act for prevention of child marriage passed?
In 1929. It was to come into force from 1930.

283 . The city of Calcutta was founded in?
1690 AD

284 . The capital city of ancient India was?

285 . The reforms announced by the British 1909 are known as?
The Morle-Minto Reforms

286 . During whose rule did the Mongols make the first serious attempt to establish their rule over Delhi?
Alauddin Khalji.

287 . Jainism was divided into two sects. Name them.?
Shvetambara: - Those clad in white. Digambara: - Those who are sky-clad (or are                      naked)

288 . Why was the Akali movement started?
To remove corrupt mahants from the Gurudwaras.

289 . The first war of Indian Independence fought in 1857 is also known as?
The Sepoy Mutiny

290 . Where was the Battle of Talikota fought?
It was fought in the area between the villages of Rakassi and Tangadi (Tagdi). Due to the bloodshed and ruin that this battle brought on the Vijayanagara Empire it was also called 'Raktakshi Tangadi'.
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291 . Who was the Peshwa who signed the'Subsidiary Alliance'?
Peshwa Baji Rao II on December 31, 1802. This was after the combined armies of the Peshwa and the Sindhia were defeated by the Holkar.

292 . Who were the opponents at the battle of Khanua?
Rana Sanga and Babur.

293 . Who led the revolt in Kanpur?

294 . What was the name assumed by Farid when he ascended the throne?
Sher Shah.

295 . The capital of king Vikramaditya's kingdom was?

296 . When did the Vikram Samvat begin in India?
It began in 57 B.C.

297 . Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan was also known as?
Frontier Gandhi

298 . What is a Stupa?
It is a kind of tomb where the relics of Buddha or other Buddhist monks are kept.

299 . Who started the Swatantra Party?
C. Rajagopalachari.

300 . After Nadir Shah's death, which of his generals established his authority in Afghanistan?
Ahmad Shah Abdali.
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301 . What is Stridhana?
It is the exclusive property of a married lady, something she often inherits from her mother.

302 . Which Gupta ruler adopted the title 'Vikramaditya'?
Chandragupta II. He is regarded as the greatest of the Gupta rulers (376 to 414 AD).

303 . What infamous event occurred on April 13, 1919?
The Jallianwala Baug massacre.

304 . Bahadur Shah Zafar died in the year?
1862 AD

305 . The first Tamil hero who fought against the British was?
Veerapandya Kattabomman

306 . East India Company was established in the year?
1600 AD

307 . Muazzam, Aurangazeb's son, succeeded him to the throne of Delhi. On ascension he assumed a royal title. What was the title?
Bahadur Shah.

308 . How did Timur come to be called Tamerlane?
Timur had a limp because of an injury to his leg. Due to this the Persians called him Timur-i-lang (Timur the lame) which was corrupted by Europeans into Tamerlane.

309 . According to the Arthashastra the Senapati was an important member of the Mantri Parishad. What was his role?
Commander-in-Chief of the army.

310 . The movement launched in 1920 is known as?
The Non-Co-operation Movement
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311 . What is contained in the Sutta Pitaka?
Sutta Pitaka incorporates the greatest literary works of Buddhism. Of the five collections, the first four consist of discourses of Buddha.

312 . Where did the English set up their first factory?

313 . Who was the Buddhist monk who converted Menander into Buddhism?
Nagasena or Nagarjuna.

314 . Who was the Royal Physician at Bimbisara's court?

315 . Tipu Sultan was born in?
1750 AD

316 . The founder of Sikh religion was?
Guru Nanak

317 . Where was Akbar crowned?
Kalanaur in Punjab in 1556.

318 . In the context of Buddhism, what is Vinaya Pitaka?
It is the work that deals with the governance of the life of Buddhists. It also describes the gradual development of the Sangha and the life and teachings of Buddha.

319 . Which famous Mughal courtier lost his life in a campaign against the tribesmen of the Khyber pass?

320 . Which Bahmani ruler encouraged the study of astronomy and even built an observatory near Daulatabad?
Firuz Shah Bahmani.
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