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General Knowledge Indian History

201 . Harshavardhana ascended the throne at the age of?
16 years

202 . What were the articles of clothing introduced in India by the Shakas and the Kushanas?
Trousers, long coat, tunic and turban. The turban, however, is mentioned as a head dress in ancient India (Ushneesha)

203 . Who was known as the'Frontier Gandhi'?
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.

204 . Where is Ghazni?
In modem Afghanistan.

205 . Wellesley started the policy of?
Subsidiary Alliance

206 . Patanjali's Mahabhashya refers to some of the stories about Krishna's early life. Who does Patanjali call Samkarshana?

207 . Fahien, a Chinese traveller visited india during the reign of?
Chandragupta II

208 . Who deciphered the Asokan inscriptions?
James Prinsep.

209 . Why were people gathered at the JallianwaJa Baug?
They had gathered there to protest against the arrest of their leaders Dr. Saifuddin Kitchlew and Dr. Satyapal.

210 . Ranjit Singh was appointed the governor of Kabul at the age of 19. Who appointed him?
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211 . Who conceived of the idea of setting up the Indian National Congress?
Allan Octavian Hume.

212 . Harihara and Bukka rebelled against Muhammad Bin Tughlaq and founded a kingdom. What was it?
The Vijayanagara Kingdom.

213 . What is the 'Dharmachakrapravartana'?
The preaching of the first sermon by Buddha.

214 . During the period of the Delhi Sultanate who was the most important official?

215 . Who was the ruler of South India who prevented Harsha from extending his kingdom southwards?
The Chalukya King Pulakesin II.

216 . Sir Thomas Roe,English Ambassador, visited India during the reign of?

217 . The original name of Nurjahan was?

218 . Whom did Shah Jahan choose, in his last will, as his heir apparent?
Dara Shukoh.

219 . After whom have the rock-cut temples at Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu been named?
The five Pandavas and Draupadi.

220 . Who succeeded Qutbuddin Aibak to the throne of Delhi?
Iltutmish (son-in-law of Qutbuddin Aibak).
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221 . Name the Mughal emperor who was an accomplished veena player.?

222 . During whose rule did jizyah become a separate tax?
Firuz Tughlaq. It was a part of the land revenue in earlier times.

223 . Humayun was defeated by?
Sher Shah Suri

224 . Who overthrew Brihadratha?
Pushyamitra, who was his Commander-in-chief.

225 . Who founded the Tattvabodhini Sabha? Later he became a great leader of the Brahmo Samaj movement.?
Debendranath Tagore, father of Rabindranath Tagore.

226 . Bihar was earlier known as?

227 . Who recaptured Jhansi for die British?
Sir Hugh Rose.

228 . What was the result of the Battle of Karnal fought between Nadir Shah and Emperor Mohammad Shah?
The Mughals lost and the Emperor Muhammad Shah was taken prisoner,

229 . He was born in a Bengali Brahmin family at Radhanagar in 1774. He served under the East India Company from 1803 to 1814. He also founded the Brahmo Samaj? Who was he?
Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

230 . Where is Angkor Vat located?
It is located in the ancient kingdom of Kambuja (modem Cambodia). It means Temple (Vat) of the city (Angkor).
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231 . Who issued the first long inscription in chaste Sanskrit?
Rudradaman, the famous Shaka ruler.

232 . How could Shivaji with a relatively small army fight against the army of Bijapur?
By adopting Guerrilla Warfare.

233 . The Cholas extended their territory in South India and also conquered the northern part of Sri Lanka. Who was the ruler who made northern Sri Lanka a province of his empire?
Rajaraja Chola.

234 . Over which areas did the Shatavahana dynasty rule?
The Deccan and Central India.

235 . What was the original name of the town Daulatabad?
Deogiri (Devgiri).

236 . Ashoka ruled for a period of?
40 years

237 . Who was the first person to hold that the earth was a sphere and rotated on its axis?
Aryabhata. He also declared that the eclipses were not the work of Rahu but were caused by the shadow of the earth falling on the moon. Varahamihira and Brahmagupta later astronomers did not agree with his view. Aryabhata also gave an accurate approximation ofn.

238 . Which dynasty claimed its descent from Lakshmana, the brother of Shri Rama?
The Pratiharas. By the ninth century the influence of Pratiharas extended from the Punjab to central India and from Kathiawar to north Bengal.

239 . Who was the Englishman who succeeded in getting a farman from the Mughals exempting the English from paying any inland toll?
Sir Thomas Roe.

240 . What was the basis of barter for common articles during the Vedic period?
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