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General Knowledge Indian History

121 . Alexander invaded India in?
326 BC

122 . The Mauryan Empire was established in?
322 BC

123 . A prominent Naga fighter she spent eighteen years in prison for her role in the freedom struggle. Who was she?
Gidalyu Rani who led the Nagas. She was released in 1949.

124 . Who wrote 'Hitopadesha'?
Narayana Bhatta. Hitopadesha is a collection of stories, most of which were drawn from the Panchatantram of Vishnu Sharma.

125 . How did Rana Kumbha celebrate his victory over Mahmud Khalji of Malwa?
He built the Tower of Victory in Chittor. It is called the Vijayastambha.

126 . When did the revolt of 1857 start?
At Meerut, on May 10,1857.

127 . What was the Chauri Chaura incident?
A crowd angered by police firing set Fire to a police station killing many policemen.

128 . Which Mughal port city did Shivaji attack in 1664?

129 . In the Rigveda there is a reference to the'Dasharajna Yuddha'. What does this refer to?
It was a battle of 10 kings fought between Sudasa, a king of the Tritsu family on one side, and a confederacy of 10 tribes on the other. It was fought on the banks of the Parushni (Ravi). Sudasa defeated his enemies in this battle.

130 . Who passed a resolution declaring Sati illegal and punishable by the courts?
William Bentinck.
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131 . What did Shivaji say when he got the news of the capture of Kondana?
Gadh aala pun Sinha gela' - We got the fort but lost the lion (referring to Tanaji Malsure).

132 . Who was the Turkish officer who conquered the area of north Bengal?

133 . The first Viceroy of India was?
Lord Canning

134 . Who was the Governor General of India when the Revolt of 1857 broke out?
Lord Canning

135 . What was the original name of Raja Birbal?

136 . The 'Sapta Sindhu' was the area of the initial Aryan settlement. To what region did it refer?
The land of the Sindhu (Indus) and its principal tributaries.

137 . Who started the Home Rule movement?
Annie Besant. At the Congress session held in Kolkata in 1917, the demand for home rule was made eloquent by Ms. Annie Besant, the President of the session.

138 . Dadabhai Naoroji was associated with the theory of?
Drain of Wealth'

139 . Who signed the Treaty of Salbai?
The Marathas and the English in 1782. The treaty established beyond dispute, the dominance of the British as the controlling factor in Indian politics.

140 . Who proclaimed Akbar the Emperor?
Bairam Khan in 1556.
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141 . Alauddin Khalji was the nephew and son-in-law of a Delhi Sultan whom he later murdered. Who was the sultan?
Jalaluddin Firuz Khalji.

142 . Who fought the battle of Buxar?
The English fought against a confederacy of Mir Kasim; Shah Alam, the Mughal Emperor and Nawab Shuja-ud-daulah.

143 . Who was the first Indian to be elected to the leadership of the Communist International?

144 . Who succeeded Balaji Vishwanath as the Peshwa?

145 . During the time of the Vijayanagara rule, (Krishnadevaraya) what was the title adopted by the rulers of Orissa?
Gajapati (1434 to 1541).

146 . Who led the revolt at Lucknow?
Begum Hazrat Mahal of Awadh.

147 . Who was the ruler of the territory between the Jhelum and the Ravi when Alexander invaded India?
Paurava or Porus as the Greeks called him.

148 . What were the four sights which Gautam saw, while being driven around the city?
An old man, a sick man, a corpse and an ascetic.

149 . Where was Akbar born?

150 . When was the Indian Tri-colour (saffron, white and green) hoisted for the first time?
December 31, 1929. At the Congress session.
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151 . Over which kingdom did Chand Bibi rule?
She ruled over Ahmadnagar as a Regent.

152 . What was the capital of the Rajput Kingdom of Mewar?

153 . Agra was earlier known as?

154 . When did the Naval Mutiny break out?

155 . Who was the Sultan of Malwa who died when he went on board a Portuguese ship for negotiations?
Bahadur Shah.

156 . Where was Kabir born? What was he known for?
Kabir was born in Varanasi. Throughout his life he kept dwelling on the essential unity of all religions.

157 . Who succeeded Bimbisara to the throne of Magadha?

158 . Who were the opponents in the battle fought at Chausa?
Humayun and Sher Shah.

159 . Who or what were the Huns?
They were a race of fierce, warlike people, whose original home was in the steppes of Central Asia. They spread terror and destruction both in the West (i.e. the Roman Empire) and India.

160 . What was the title that Bairam Khan adopted?
He became the wakil of the kingdom with the title Khan-I-Khanan.
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