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General Knowledge Indian History

81. Who was the Viceroy who was assassinated by a convict when he visited the Andamans?
Lord Mayo.

82. Who started the Shaka era?
Kanishka of the Kushana dynasty.

83. Domingo Paes, the famous Portuguese traveller, described this city as the best provided city in the world. Name the city.?

84. Under which guru did the Sikhs become a united political power?
Guru Gobind Singh.

85. Where is the famous Kamakhya temple (Kamakshi)?
At Guwahati.

86. Din-i-Ilahi was founded by?

87. Which was die Maratha family that established itself in Baroda?
The Gaekwads established themselves at Baroda, the Bhonsales at Nagpur, Holkars at Indore and the Sindhias at Gwalior.

88. Mahendra, the son of Ashoka, was sent as a Buddhist missionary to a particular kingdom. Identify the kingdom.?
Sri Lanka

89. Who was the admiral who recreated the Maratha navy almost single handed?
Kanhoji Angrey (also spelt Angria).

90. What was Sumatra called as, in ancient times?
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91. The first Round Table Conference was a result of a suggestion by an Englishman to the then British Prime Minister. Who was the Britisher?
Sir John Simon (Chairman of the Simon Commission)

92. Where did Raja Sawai Jai Singh build astronomical observatories?
Delhi, Jaipur, Ujjain, Varanasi and Mathura.

93. What did the East India Company acquire as its zamindari in 1698?
The zamindari of Sutanati, Kalikata and Govindpur.

94. Whom did Harsha succeed?
His elder brother, Rajyavardhana.

95. When did Bhikhaji Cama unfurl the Indian flag?
August 1907 at the International Socialist Congress held in Stuttgart. This was a tricolour in green, red and yellow.

96. The real name of Babar was?
Zahiruddin Muhammed

97. According to Chinese sources Kaundinya an Indian Prince, formed a kingdom in south East Asia. Where was this kingdom located?

98. By what name was the area of western and northwestern Bengal known?
Gauda. The name was applied both to the people and their country.

99. Which dynasties rose on the ruins of the Chola dynasty?
The Pandyas and the Hoysalas.

100. Which Gupta ruler is also known as 'Kavi Raja'?
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101. What was the language used by the people of the Indus Valley Civilization?
Historians have as yet not been able to determine the language used by the people of the Indus Valley Civilization. The script used by the people of the Indus Valley Civilization has also not been deciphered.

102. Harshavardhana was defeated by?
Pulakeshin II

103. Which Persian historian accompanied Alauddin Khalji on his expedition to Chittor?
Amir Khusrau.

104. Who is the father of the Indian Chemical Industry?
Prafulla Chandra Ray.

105. What gift did Humayun offer Babur after Babur arrived in Agra following the first Battle of Panipat?
The Koh-i-nur.

106. What was the result of the battle of Wandiwash?
The British under Eyre Coote comprehensively routed the French

107. What were the ceremonies introduced by Balban, merely to demonstrate his superiority to other nobles?
Sijada-Prostration Paibos - Kissing the emperor's feet. He introduced these ceremonies to demonstrate his superiority over the nobles.

108. How was Mumtaz Mahal related to Nur Jahan?
Mumtaz Mahal was the daughter of Asaf Khan, Nur Jahan's brother.

109. Who was Megasthenes?
Megasthenes was the Greek ambassador to the Mauryan Court.

110. Where was the decision to suspend the agitation taken?
Bardoli in Gujarat.
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111. The name of the famous horse of Rana Pratap was?

112. Why was the chain of bells installed?
This was the'Chain of Justice' installed to ensure that all citizens of the country had access to justice.

113. The Allahabad Pillar inscription is the most authentic record about the reign of a famous Emperor. Identify that Emperor.?
Samudra Gupta

114. At the time of independence, the number of princely states in India were?

115. What was the impact of the Chauri Chaura incident on the Freedom struggle?
Gandhiji suspended the struggle because he felt people had yet to understand the concept of non-violence.

116. Which kingdom came into existence during the reign of Muhammad bin Tughlaq?
Bahmani kingdom.

117. Akbar was crowned in the year?
1556 AD

118. Rabindranath Tagore renounced his knighthood as a protest against an incident. Name the incident.?
The Jailianwalla Baug massacre.

119. Which Gupta ruler successfully defended his empire against the invading Huns?
Skanda Gupta.

120. Name the two Buddhist centres located in present day Andhra Pradesh?
Nagarjunakonda and Amaravati.
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