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41. Who founded the Shatavahana dynasty?
The founder of the family was Simuka but it was Shatakarni I who raised it to eminence.

42. Who was the Chinese pilgrim who visited India during the time of Chandragupta II?

43. Which European power declared that trade in pepper, warhorses and arms and ammunitions was a royal monopoly?

44. Who was the chief deity of the Sangam Period?
Murugan (Karttikeya)

45. Who were the two famous warriors of Chittor who held the Mughal forces at bay for almost six months?
Jaimal and Patta. Akbar, to honour these two warriors ordered their stone statues, seated on elephants, be erected outside the gate of the Agra fort.

46. Who were the parents of Sankaracharya?
Sivaguru and Aryamba.

47. Permanent settlement in Bengal was introduced by?
Lord Cornwallis

48. Akbar, in 1575, built the Ibadat Khana. What was it for?
It was the Hall of Prayer at Fatehpur Sikri.

49. Shivaji was crowned in?
1664 AD

50. Jehangir had to face a rebellion immediately after he ascended the throne. Who was the rebel?
Khusrau, Jehangir's eldest son.
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51. What was the revolutionary Jatin Mukherji popularly known as?
Bagha Jatin.

52. Of which state was Martanda Varma the ruler?

53. What were the reasons behind the refusal of the Greek soldiers to accompany Alexander beyond the Beas?
They were war weary and home sick. The hot climate of India did not suit them. Having experienced the fighting abilities of the Indian people they were apprehensive about the power of the Nandas. All these reasons contributed to their refusal.

54. Who was born in Talwandi in 1469?

55. Who wrote Lilavati, a treatise on Algebra?

56. What was the act that led to the martyrdom of Guru Arjan?
Khusrav, the son of Jehangir rebelled unsuccessfully against his father. When Khusrav was fleeing the Mughal forces, he was honourably received by Guru Arjan and provided with some money. This was perceived by Jehangir as an act of treason and ultimately led to the Guru's martyrdom.

57. When did Timur sack Delhi?

58. Name the Indian ruler who tried to promote trade with Russia, Arabia and Turkey. He also tried to set up a trading company on the lines of the East India Company.?
Tipu Sultan.

59. Over which area did the Asaf Jahis rule?
The state of Hyderabad as it then was.

60. Gautama Buddha was the son of?
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61. Who was born to Siddhartha and Trishala in the year 540 B.C.?
Vardhamana Mahavira

62. Who was the first Viceroy of India? (appointed after the revolt of 1857)?
Lord Canning (1858-62).

63. How did Qutbuddin Aibak die?'?
He fell off his horse while playing chaugan (polo) and died due to the resultant injuries.

64. Who repaired the Grand Trunk road that ran from the river Indus to Sonargaon in Bengal?

65. The founder of Arya Samaj was?
Swamy Dayanand Saraswati

66. Who were the opponents in the first battle of Panipat?
Babur and Ibrahim Lodi.

67. Poems of which Kashmiri poet are the oldest of the ones still available with us?

68. He entered politics with the Kheda Satyagraha. In 1922 he played a leading role in the Bardoli Satyagraha. He was Independent India's first home minister. Name him.?
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

69. Chandragupta Maurya was succeeded by?

70. What was the path to be followed to be free from misery according to Buddha?
He recommended following the eight-fold path, (ashtanga magga)
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71. What was the slogan that electrified the nation when Bengal was partitioned?
Bande Mataram.

72. Kohinoor Diamond was taken away by?
Nadir Shah

73. According to the Arthashastra, the Purohita was an important member of the Mantri Parishad. What was his role?
He was the High Priest.

74. When Porus surrendered to Alexander, Alexander asked him how he wished to be treated. What was Porus' reply?
As one King would treat another'. This was his famous reply that has become a classic. Hearing this Alexander not only reinstated Porus on the throne, but he also added territories towards the east and domains of many republican states to the existing kingdom of Porus (according to Plutarch).

75. Menander, also known as Milinda, was the most famous of the Indo-Greek kings. Where was his capital city?
Sakala, modern Sialkot.

76. If anyone wanted to meet Mahatma Gandhi on the 6lh of April 1930, where would they have needed to go?
To Dandi. On this day Gandhiji breached the salt law.

77. Which was the language, apart from Persian, used for administrative purpose in the Bahmani kingdom?

78. Vijaynagar Empire was founded by?
Harihara and Bukka

79. What was interesting about Jawaharlal Nehru taking over the Presidentship of the Indian National Congress at the Lahore session of 1929?
He succeeded his father Motilal Nehru.

80. Who did the Marathas decisively defeat in the Palkhed campaign of 1727-28?
The Nizam-ul-Mulk of Hyderabad. This campaign ensured that the Nizam's attempt at challenging Maralha supremacy failed.
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