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201 . Bill Gates visited India in?

202 . The Carnatic volalist who won the Bharat Ratna Award was?

203 . The first musician to get the Bharat Ratna?

204 . Kerala attained statehood on?
1st November 1956

205 . Sahar airport is located at?

206 . Dum Dum airport is located at?

207 . The first ever railway train travelled from?

208 . The only Indian metro railway system is at?

209 . Air India was formed in?

210 . Indian Airlines was formed in?
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211 . Indira Gandhi airport is located at?

212 . Meenambakkam airport is located at?

213 . The Export-Import Bank of India is also known as?

214 . The Navy Academy is located at?

215 . In 1983,Bharat Ratna was posthumously awarded to?
Acharya Vinoba Bhave

216 . Mrs.Indira Gandhi was assassinated on?

217 . Mr.Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on?

218 . The strength of Rajya Sabha is?

219 . The supreme commander of Army,Navy and Airforce is the?

220 . The Chairman of the Lok Sabha is the?
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221 . Pong dam is located in?

222 . The fastest train in India is the?
Shatabdi Express

223 . The oldest refinery in India is the?
Digboi refinery

224 . The largest refinery of India is the?
IOC Refinery at Koyah,Gujarat

225 . The Bhakra dam is built across the River?

226 . The first General Elections were held in India in the year?

227 . The first engineering college established in India is the?
Thompson college,Roorkee

228 . The first library established in India is the?
William Carey library,Serampore

229 . The oldest english daily newspaper of India is?
The Times of India

230 . The largest post office in India is the?
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231 . The largest prison in India is the?
Tihar Central Jail,Delhi

232 . The first Indian state formed on linguistic basis after Independence was?
Andhra Pradesh

233 . The largest cave temple in India is?

234 . The only diamond producing area in India is?
Panna Diamond Belt,M.P.

235 . The biggest public sector bank in India is the?
State Bank of India

236 . Reserve Bank of India was established in?

237 . The oldest tree in India is the?
Monus Serrata at Joshimutt

238 . The first Education Minister of free India was?
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

239 . Who is known as the Father of Indian industry?
Jamshedji Tata

240 . Gandhiji was assassinated by?
Nathuram Godse
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