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General Knowledge India

161 . The capital of Sikkim is?

162 . India's highest peak is the?

163 . Mount Abu, a famous hill station is located at?

164 . The main attraction of Mount Abu are the?
Dilwara Jain Temples

165 . Hussain Sagar Lake is located at?

166 . The Samadhi of Gandhiji is known as?

167 . The Samadhi of Gandhiji is located on the bank of river?

168 . The largest state in India is?
Madhya Pradesh

169 . The highest TV tower in India is located at?
New Delhi

170 . The most literate state in India is?
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171 . Golconda Fort is located near?

172 . Gateway of India is located at?

173 . Buland Darwaza is located at?
Fatehpur Sikri

174 . Badrinath is located at?
Uttar Pradesh

175 . Elephanta Caves are located on an island near?

176 . Ajanta caves are located near?

177 . Humayu's tomb is located at?
New Delhi

178 . Jantar Mantar is located in?
New Delhi

179 . Jantar Mantar is an?

180 . Jantar Mantar was constructed by?
Maharaja Jai Singh II
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181 . Mughal Gardens is located at?
New Delhi

182 . Qutb-Minar is located at?
New Delhi

183 . Rashtrapati Bhawan was built by?
Edwin Lutyens

184 . The samadhi of Indira Gandhi is known as?
Shakti Sthal

185 . The Tower of Victory is located at?

186 . Victoria Memorial is located at?

187 . The highest airfield of India is the?
Chushul airfield,Ladakh

188 . The largest lake of India is the?
Wular lake,Kashmir

189 . The largest Zoo of India is the?
Zoological Garden,Calcutta

190 . The most populated state of India is?
Uttar Pradesh
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191 . Central Bureau of Investigation was formed in?

192 . BSF stands for?
Border Security Force

193 . ITBP stands for?
Indo-Tibetan Border Police

194 . The actual name of Mother Teresa was?
Agnes Gonxha Bejaxhiu

195 . A programme launched by Chandrababu Naidu,Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, to clean the city of Hyderabad was named?

196 . Vajpayee Government was sworn in for the second time on?

197 . Miss World 1997 contest was held at?

198 . The Miss World 1997 title was won by?
Diana Hayden

199 . The Miss World 1996 Contest was held at?

200 . Mother Teresa died on?
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