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General Knowledge India

1 . The first multipurpose project in India is?
Damodar Valley

2 . The place in North East India which receives the highest annual rainfall is?

3 . The largest Indian river flowing into the Arabian Sea is?

4 . Indian broadcasting was nationalised in?

5 . The Indian forests are divided into how many regions?

6 . The place where Indian Standard time coinsides with local time is?

7 . The industry for which Vishakapatnam is famous for is?
Ship Building

8 . The state which is the largest producer of iron ore in India is?

9 . The longest railway platform in India measuring 836.63 mts. is located at?

10 . The Indian state which is largest exporter of cashewnut is?
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11 . The main occupation of Indians is?

12 . Nagarjuna Sagar dam is built across the River?

13 . Madras state was renamed as Tamilnadu in the year?

14 . The main industry of Assam is?
Tea Industry

15 . The Indian state which has maximum number of districts is?
Uttar pradesh

16 . The length of Indian coastline is?
7500 kms

17 . The longest day in India is?
21st June

18 . The biggest museum in india is?
Indian Museum,Calcutta

19 . The source of river Indus is?
Mount Kailash,Tibet

20 . Kodaikanal, a famous holiday resort is located in?
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21 . Bangalore city is also called the?
Garden city

22 . The only place in India where rock salt is found is in?
Mandi,Himachal Pradesh

23 . The Gandhi Sagar dam is constructed across the river?

24 . The river that passes through the Thar desert is?

25 . Nagoor,a place in Tamilnadu,is famous for?
Famous muslim shrine

26 . The Hindustan Ship Yard is located at?

27 . The Indian state that tops in the production of cocoa is?

28 . The first major steel plant established in India was?
Tata Iron & Steel Co,Jamshedpur

29 . Crude oil is found in south Gujarat at?

30 . The first oil well drilled in India was at?
Naharpong in Assam
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31 . Calcutta is situated on the banks of river?

32 . The largest opium growing state in India is?
Uttar Pradesh

33 . Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd,India's largest manufacturer of penicillin is located at?

34 . The former name of Arunachal Pradesh was?

35 . Khajuraho temples are located at?

36 . The Indian freedom fighter who turned into a famous spiritualist was?
Aurobindo Ghosh

37 . The king who installed a `Chain of Justice' outside his place was?

38 . The name of the mines in Rajasthas from where we get zinc is?

39 . Singereni in Andhra Pradesh is famous for?
Coal Mines

40 . Amaravathi is located on the bank of river?
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