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81 . The Tansen Awards are given to?

82 . The Character 1Gulliver' was created by?
Jonathan Swift

83 . Gulliver's first name was?

84 . Treasure Island was written by?
Robert Louis Stevenson

85 . The person who is known as father of Carnatic Classical music is?

86 . `King Solomon's Ring' was written by?
konard Lorenz

87 . The town which is known as the home of violin making is?

88 . Wilkie Collins was a famous?

89 . Raghuvamsu was written by?

90 . `The Lady of the Lake' was written by?
Walter Scott
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91 . The final book Caesar's Gallic War was written by?
Aulus Whiskers

92 . The `Riddle of the Sands' was written by?
Robert Erskine Childers

93 . The Highest National Award given every year to the best book in india is?
Jnanapith Award

94 . John Masefield was a famous?

95 . The title of Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography was?
My Experiments with Truth

96 . `Malgudi Days' was written by?

97 . `Guide' was written by?

98 . The Novel `Moon and Six Pence' was written by?

99 . `Kanthapura' was written by?
Raja Rao

100 . `Das Capital' was written by?
Karl Marx
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101 . Arabian Nights was translated into Sanskrit by?
Jagadbandu Pandit

102 . The first recipient of Bharatiya Gnanpith Award was?
G.Shankara Kurup

103 . The language in which Samuel Becket wrote most of his plays was?

104 . Dr.Masti Venkatesha Iyenger won the Gnanpith Award for his book?

105 . The famous singer who collapsed and died on the stage during a performance was?
Leonard Warren

106 . `A thing of beauty is joy forever' was said by?

107 . The 1966 Gnanpith Award was won by?
Tara Shankar Nandopadhyaya

108 . The 1967 Gnanpith Award was won by?
Uma Shankar Joshi & Dr.K.V.Puttappa

109 . The 1968 Gnanpith Award was won by?
Sumitra Nandhanpant

110 . In 1982,Arun Shourie won the?
Ramon Magsaysay
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111 . The Music instrument that Ravishankar plays is?

112 . Anandmath was written by?
Bankim chandra

113 . The Classic `Around the World in 80 days' was written by?
Jules Verne

114 . Babar's Autobiography "Babarnama" is written in the language?

115 . Who is consideblack as the most famous playwright in English after William Shakespeare?
George Bernard Shaw

116 . The popular comedian Charlie Chaplin was from?

117 . Panchatanra was written by?
Vishnu Sharma

118 . The world's smallest theatre Picolo is in?
Hamburg,West Germany

119 . The seating capacity of the World's smallest theatre Picolo is?

120 . The first Russian author to receive the Nobel Prize was?
Ivan Atseyevich
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