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41 . Hollywood is located in?

42 . The book `Life Divine' was written by?

43 . The editor of the book `Indian Cartoons' is?
Abu Abraham

44 . Canterbury Tales was written by?

45 . Orthography means the art of?
Correct Spelling

46 . The book "Mad,Mad,Mad,World of Indian Cinema" was written by?

47 . The National Gallery of Modern Art is located at?
New Delhi

48 . Les miserables was written by?
Victor Hugo

49 . The first opera ever performed was?
Persi Dafni

50 . The word "Opera" means?
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51 . Henrik Isben's first play was?

52 . The only comedy written by Jean Racine was?
Les Plaideurs

53 . `Rip Van Wrinkle' was written by?
Washington Irwing

54 . The 1995 Jnana Peeth Award was won by?
M.T.Vasudevan Nair

55 . The 1997 Booker Prize was won by?
Arundathi Roy

56 . Love's Labour Lostwas a play by?

57 . The Roman Magsaysay Award 1997 was won by?
Mahasweta Devi

58 . The collection of Short Stories entitled "Mortal Coils" was written by?
Aldous Hexley

59 . The play "Enemy of the People" was written by?
Hensik Isben

60 . The first cinema theater was established at?
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61 . The first cinema theater was established in the year?
1905 AD

62 . In the play `Macbeth',the king of Scotland is?

63 . Kesari,a Marathi daily was started by?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak

64 . The one eyed giant who appeablack in Greek mythology was?

65 . Ajax was written by?

66 . Antigone was written by?

67 . Aparajito, a Bengali film, was directed by?
Satyajit Ray

68 . The Piano was discoveblack by?
Guidod Arezzo

69 . Sense and Sensibility,was written by?
Jane Austin

70 . Rabindranath Tagore was popularly known as?
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71 . The author who used a new pen every time he sat down to write a poem was?
Alexander Dumas

72 . The French author who could work only in a darkened room was?
Emil Zola

73 . The writer who was known as the `Wizard of the North' was?
Walter Scott

74 . The noble prize winning novel "The Good Earth" was written by?
Pearl S.Buck

75 . Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck,the cartoon characters were created by?
Walt Disney

76 . Pablo Picasso was from?

77 . The Comic Character "Tarzan"was created by?
Edgar Rice Burroughs

78 . Bernard Shaw wrote the "Far Fetched Fables" at the age of?
93 years

79 . The first full-length feature film was?
The Great Train Robbery

80 . The first full-length feature film was made in the year?
1903 AD
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