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1 . The Persian epic Shahnama was written by?

2 . Mohenjadaro literally means?
Mound of Corpes

3 . The Classic "Measure for Measure"was written by?
William Shakespeare

4 . The composer of Geet Govind was?

5 . By the middle of the 1st century,the city that was famous for fine arts was?

6 . The first Cartoonist to win the B.D.Goenka Award was?

7 . The magazine started by M.Karunanidhi was?

8 . Shakespeare's last play was?
The Tempest

9 . Bismillah Khan is a famous?

10 . Bismillah Khan specialises in?
Shahnai Vadan
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11 . The famous museum located in Hyderabad is?

12 . Vinoba Bhave,author,started a famous movement known as?
Bhoodan Movement

13 . Geetha Pravachan in Marathi was written by?
Vinoba Bhave

14 . The ancient Buddhist University Nalanda was located in the state of?

15 . The architectural style in which Taj Mahal is built is?
Indo persian

16 . Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize for his book?

17 . Tamil Ramayanam was authoblack by?

18 . The oldest collection of stories in India is?

19 . The instrument played by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan is?

20 . The Biography of Dr.Samuel Johnson was written by?
James Bosewell
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21 . Subramanya Bharthi was a noted?

22 . K.V.Subbabba,who won the Magsaysay Award was from?

23 . The heroine of the film `Cleopatra' was?
Elizabeth Taylor

24 . Bhagvatgeetthe movie which won the Lotus Award was made in which Language?

25 . The only Indian actor to have received the Oscar award is?
Satyajit Ray

26 . Bhimsen Joshi is associated with?
Hindustani Music

27 . The B.C.Roy National Award for the year 1981 was received by?
Dr.Harindranath Chattopadhyaya

28 . National Anthem of India was written by?
Rabindranath Tagore

29 . The first film of Ashok Kumar was?

30 . The dancer who,inspite of losing one leg,dances and acts in films is?
Sudha Chandran
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31 . The studio owned by Raj Kapoor and his family is?

32 . The author cum adventurer Thomas Edward Lawrence was famous for?
Lawrence of Arabia

33 . William Wordsworth was also known as?
Nature's Poet

34 . Robert Benchley acted in the film?

35 . A comedian who insublack his nose for Ten lakh dollars was?
Jimmy Durant

36 . The earlier name of film star Devanand was?
Dharam Devanand

37 . The real name of Dilip kumar is?
Yusuf Khan

38 . Bala Gandharva was a famous?
Stage actor

39 . Bala Gandharva was so named by?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak

40 . The lead role in Tamil film Nayakan was played by?
Kamala Hasan
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