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81 . Heavy water can be extracted from ordinary water by the process of?

82 . In every water molecutl,there are how many hydrogen atoms and how many oxygen atoms?

83 . Water expands when it is?

84 . Oxygen condenses at a temperature of?

85 . The ultimate source of nearly all our energy is the?

86 . Solar cells turn light energy from the sun into?
Electrical energy

87 . Two types of basic energy is?
Potential energy,kinetic energy

88 . Energy that is not doing anything but is simply stored for action is called?
Potential energy

89 . Energy in the nucleus of an atom is called?
Nuclear energy

90 . As per the Law of Conservation of energy,energy can neither be nor be?
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91 . In all energy conversions,heat is produced as?

92 . Coal,Oil,natural gas,etc.are known as?
Fossil fuels

93 . At the present rate of consumption of coal,it is estimated that it will last about?

94 . At the present rate of consumption of coal,it is estimated that it will last about?

95 . Nuclear energy is released by a process called?

96 . It is estimated that nuclear power stations are presently producing about how many percent of world's electricity?

97 . Joule proved that heat was a form of?

98 . The sun heats the earth by a process called?

99 . Nuclear radiations can cause an eye disease called?

100 . A Landfill produces a pollutant gas,?
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101 . The gases that produce acid rain are?
Sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide

102 . Hydrogen bomb was tested on a?
Pacific atoll

103 . The European river Rhine was till recently called as?
Europe's industrial sewer

104 . Ultraviolet radiations from the sun can cause?
Skin cancer

105 . When lakes become acidic,the substance used to counteract the acidity is?

106 . Water Resources Institute is located at?
Washington D.C.

107 . The science of human settlements is called?

108 . Bhopal Gas tragedy occured in?
1984 AD

109 . The city which has the highest sulphur dioxide pollution is?

110 . CITES is an international law concerned with?
Endangered species
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111 . CITES stands for?
Convention on Int.Trade in Endangered Species

112 . NCEPC stands for?
National Committee on Environmental Planning and Co-ordination

113 . Project JAWS deals with?

114 . JAWS stands for?
Joint Airport Weather Studies

115 . Project FAMOUS deals with?
Ocean beds

116 . FAMOUS stands for?
French-American Mid Ocean Under Sea Study

117 . Pollution Control Research Institute is located at?

118 . International Environmental Prize is awarded by?
United Nations

119 . The use of DDT for agricultural purposes was banned in India in the year?
1985 AD

120 . The major source of fuel in rural India is?
Fuelwood and charcoal
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