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41 . Oxygen was discovered by?
Joseph Priestley

42 . Oxygen was discovered in?
August 1774

43 . The word `Oxygen'was coined by?
Antonie Levoiser

44 . When something burns in air, it combines with oxygen and the process is called?

45 . When we breather,oxygen combines chemically with glucose in the body to create?

46 . The two major components of air are oxygen and?

47 . The French chemist who showed that air was the same all around the world was?
Henri Regnault

48 . William Ramsay discovered that air also contained tiny traces of?
Inert gases

49 . The gases which are slow to react with other chemicals are called?
Inert gases

50 . The air surrounding the earth is forever on the move because of?
Sun's heat
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51 . A space with nothing in it is called?

52 . Air pressure is related to density of air. This was discovered by whom in 1662 AD?
Robert Boyle

53 . Earth's atmosphere has how many layers?

54 . Moon gets very hot and very cold as it has no?

55 . 78 percent of the atmosphere is?

56 . 21 percent of the atmosphere is?

57 . The atmospheric layer immediately around the earth is called?

58 . The second atmospheric layer is called?

59 . The third atmospheric layer is called?

60 . The fourth atmospheric layer is called?
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61 . The fifth atmospheric layer is called?

62 . Human beings inhale what and give out what?
Oxygen,carbon dioxide

63 . Plants inhale what and give out what?
Carbon dioxide,oxygen

64 . Bubbles in soda water is due to presence of?
Carbon dioxide

65 . Ozone is actually a form of?

66 . We are protected from ultraviolet radiation from the sun due to the presence of?
Ozone layer

67 . The main culprit which is destroying the ozone layer is?
CFC gases

68 . The main green house gas is?
Carbon dioxide

69 . As one goes higher in the atmosphere,air pressure?

70 . As per Daniel Bernoulli,whenever air moves,its pressure?
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71 . The most common compound on earth is?

72 . Life originally emerged from?

73 . About how many percent of the world's water is solid?

74 . Less than how many percent of the world's water is fresh water?

75 . The amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is known as?

76 . Any substance that dissolve in the water vapour it absorbs is said to be?

77 . Henry Cavendish proved that water was a compound which included?

78 . The french chemist who showed that water was a simple compound of hydrogen and oxygen was?
Antoine Lavoiser

79 . In case of heavy water,oxygen combines with?

80 . A special type of hydrogen with an extra neutron in its nucleus is?
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