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1 . The biggest energy source on the surface of the earth is?
Solar radiation

2 . The acid found in soil is?
Humic acid

3 . Burning of fossil fuels releases?

4 . The place referred to as the Valley of Death is?
Cubatao in Brazil

5 . The Valley of Flowers is located at?
Garhwal in Himalayas

6 . The element found abundant in the crust of the earth is?

7 . 99 percent of the crust of earth is composed of?

8 . The crust of the earth is called?

9 . The type of soil found in the dessert is?

10 . Acid rain was discovered by?
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11 . The simplest and least polluting way of deriving energy is?
Solar energy

12 . Junk of appliances and vehicles is known as?
Solid Waste

13 . Oceans are ecologically divided into how many regions?

14 . Uranium miners more frequently suffer from?

15 . Textile workers more frequently suffer from?

16 . Coal miners more frequently suffer from?
Black lung diseases

17 . The type of living beings more sensitive to nuclear radiations are?

18 . The most acute pollution problem faced by nuclear power industry is?
Disposal of nuclear waste

19 . Excessive inhalling of manganese causes?

20 . Hay fever is due to the presence of which thing in the air?
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21 . The metal which causes systemic poisoning in man is?

22 . Dust containing silica causes?

23 . Intensive use of nitrate fertilizers causes?

24 . The most economic and pollution free form of transport is?

25 . The main source of harmful radiations in our house can be due to?

26 . The most recently discovered ecosystem is?

27 . The most biologically productive ecosystem is?
Alluvial plains

28 . Ecologists divide divide lakes into how many zones?

29 . Death valley is located in which dessert?

30 . Man first cultivated crops in which age?
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31 . Sheep were initially dpmesticated for?
Meat and milk

32 . The industrial chemical which increases the chance of developing Leukemia is?

33 . The Royal society for the Protection of Birds was formed in?
1889 AD

34 . `Man and the Biosphere'an ecological programme was launched by?

35 . Chemicals which get rid of pests are called as?

36 . The living beings which are known as teritary consumers are?
Meat-eating animals

37 . A motor car produces least amount of pollution while?

38 . The first living beings who established themselves on rocky slopes were?

39 . Birds evolved on earth during the?
Jurassic period

40 . Water covers about how many percent of the earth's surface?
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