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41 . Rat snakes are found in?
South-East Asia

42 . A common domesticated animal which cannot taste sweet is the?

43 . The world's smallest animal is the?
Skunk like zorilla of Africa

44 . The mammal that lives at the greatest altitude is the?
Hog nosed bat

45 . The smallest member of the cat family is the?

46 . The only flying mammals are the?
Rusty spotted cat of south India

47 . The largest flying mammal is the?

48 . The world's largest deer is the?
Mouse eared bat

49 . The world's heaviest flying bird is the?
Alaskan moose

50 . The bird which has the largest wing span is the?
Great Bustard
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51 . The largest of all lizards is the?

52 . The largest known frog is the?

53 . The longest known frog is the?
Goliath Grog

54 . The longest insect in the world is the?
Giant stick Insect

55 . The fastest moving insect in the world is the?
Tropical cockroach

56 . The giant stick Insect is found in?

57 . There are how many kinds of cat species in India?

58 . The animal known as the river horse is the?

59 . The elephant's trunk is actually a modified?

60 . The diet of a gorilla is purely?
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61 . The only ape found in India is the?
Hoolock's Gibbon

62 . The number of known species of mammals are?

63 . The fish that can taste with its whole body is the?

64 . The average weight of a blue whale is?
1,20,000 kg.

65 . The most widely eaten fish in India is the?

66 . The only fish that makes nest is the?
Stickle back

67 . A group of peacocks are called a?

68 . Gold fish originally belongs to?

69 . Red panda is also known as the?
Cat bear

70 . A female rabbit is called a?
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71 . A female horse is called a?

72 . A female pig is called a?

73 . The whale believed to be a fish,is actually a?

74 . The organ which is missing in the Camel is the?
Gall bladder

75 . The Archer fish catches its flies by?
Spitting at them

76 . The smallest known fish is the?
Dwaft pygmy goby

77 . The country which is the largest exporter of hippopotamuses in Europe is?

78 . A bird which lays only one egg in two years is the?

79 . The size of a newly born kangaroo is?
2.5 cms

80 . The only animal that sleeps on its back is?
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