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General Knowledge Animals

1 . The largest bird alive is the?

2 . The smallest bird alive is the?
Humming bird

3 . An animal doctor is called a?

4 . How many arms an octopus has?

5 . The arms of the octopus are called?

6 . The fastest moving land snake in the world is the?
Black Mamba

7 . A group of lions is called a?

8 . A group of invertebrate animals which have segments body and jointed limbs are called?

9 . A period of dormancy in winter by some animals known as?

10 . Animals having backbone (vertebra) are known as?
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11 . Albatross is a large?
Sea bird

12 . A small fish having a head like that of a horse is known as?
Sea horse

13 . African donkey with black and white stripes is called a?

14 . A small worm which lives in ponds and rivers and sucks the blood of animals is?

15 . The world's largest zoological reserve is the?
Etosha National Park,Namibia

16 . Egg laying mammals are called?

17 . The bird which lays more than 100 eggs in one nest is the?

18 . The largest Kangaroo in the world is the?
Red Kangaroo

19 . The only mammal that can fly is the?

20 . The animal revered by the buddhists as their sacred animal is the?
White elephant
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21 . It is widely believed that Ostrich buries its head in sand which is?
Not true

22 . Austrian scientist Konard Lorenz is famous for?
Study on Geese

23 . Bharatpur bird sanctuary is situated in?

24 . The fish which is known as the king of fishes is the?

25 . The world's largest aquarium is the?
Sydney Aquarium

26 . The tallest living animal is the?

27 . India's first sanctuary was the?
Corbett National Park in Uttar Pradesh

28 . The largest living animal is the?
Rorqual or blue whale

29 . The continent which is known as the land of Kangaroo is?

30 . The first forest show was established in Mexico in the year?
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31 . The country in which Yak is found is?

32 . The country in which kiwi is found is?
New Zealand

33 . Wadia Institute of Himalayan Zoology is located at?

34 . Dudhwa National Park is located in?
Uttar Pradesh

35 . The wildlife sanctury where we find asiatic lion is the?
Gir Forest

36 . A two humped camel is called?
A Bacteria camel

37 . Butterflies come under the family?

38 . The temple in which rats are revered,fed and protected is the?
Karnimata in Rajasthan

39 . The fastest land animal is the?

40 . The largest land animal is the?
African bush elephant
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