General Knowledge

General Knowledge Adventure

41 . Who is called the light of the world?
Jesus Christ

42 . Which is the major language of Egypt?

43 . What does the phrase 'cakes and ale' mean?
A carefree or easy living

44 . What is the language of Chile?

45 . Which country is called the 'Land of Golden Fleece'?

46 . Which city of Russia had the old name St.Petersburg?

47 . Name the only bird which can fly backward as well as forward?
The hemming bird

48 . Name the longest river of Canada?

49 . Name the highest military decoration of France.?
Croix de Guerra

50 . Which gas is commonly used in electric bulbs?
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51 . Which European city was founded in 1050,destroyed by fire in 1624, and rebuilt?
Oslo,capital of Norway

52 . What are plants that grow in water called?

53 . Which insect makes the loudest noise?
The mle cicada

54 . To which country does Greenland belong?

55 . What is the other name for graphite?
Plumbago or black lead

56 . To which galaxy does the earth belong?
The Milky Way

57 . Where are the largest deposits of platinum found?
Ural Mountains,U.S.S.R.

58 . Name the only mammal that flies.?
The Bat

59 . How would you recognize the leader of a wolf pack?
The leader holds his tail straight out,while others tails droop.

60 . What is a baby rabbit or squirrel called?
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61 . What is the study of evil spirits and demons called?

62 . What is a group of Kangaroos called?

63 . Which language is most dominant in Latin America?

64 . Who said that 'Well begun is half done'?

65 . Name the border line between Afghanistan and Pakistan.?
The Durand Line

66 . Who said that 'Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind?
Albert Einstein

67 . Name the longest river of Australia.?

68 . Name the highest mountain in Canada.?

69 . Name the only Shakespeare's play that included a dog.?
Two Gentlemen of Verona

70 . Which city is called the 'City of Dreaming Spires'?
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71 . After which emperor was July named?
Julius Caesar

72 . Name the king of England who built the Tower of London.?
King William I

73 . After Amazon, which is the major river of South America?

74 . Which king of France was called the Citizen King?
Louis Phillippe

75 . Who first discovered radioactivity?
Marie Curie

76 . Aesop has been attributed with famous fables. What did he work as?
He was a slave

77 . Who is known as the 'Maid of Orleans'?
Joan of Arc of France

78 . From which country did the Portugese bring tobacco to India in 1508?

79 . Which European country is known as the 'Land of Cakes'?

80 . Name the ethical practice in Jainism, of not causing harm to any living thing.?
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