General Knowledge

General Knowledge Adventure

1 . What does the Japanese word 'Karate' mean literally?
Open hand

2 . With which water sport are jumping,slaloming and trick riding associated?
Water Skiing

3 . Which sport was a traditional English 'pub' game?

4 . Which modern martial art was developed from 'Jujitsu'?

5 . Which game is played at the Embassy World Professional Championship?

6 . What sport is 'angling'?

7 . With what sport would you associate 'alley' or 'lane'?

8 . Which city is known as the 'Pearl of the Orient'?

9 . Which capital city is said to be the oldest in the world and in which country it is located?
Damascus,the capital of Syria

10 . Which is the largest city in Africa?
Cairo,capital of Egypt
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11 . What was Christopher Columbus's nationality?

12 . At the mouth of which river is Hong Kong situated?
Perl River

13 . Which Central American nation was formerly known as British Honduras?

14 . After whom was Bolivia named?
Simon Bolivar

15 . Which two countries enjoy the highest standard of living in S.America?
Venezuela & Argentina

16 . Where is the Carribean Sea?
Between West Indies & South America

17 . Name the only ape that can stand and walk upright?

18 . Which are the countries linked by the Karakoram Highway?
China & Pakistan

19 . What does leser mean?
Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

20 . Which sea seperates Japan from the main-land of Asia?
The sea of Japan
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21 . What is a group of dolphins called?

22 . What is a male ant called?
A dron

23 . Name the mosquito which spreads malaria?
The female Anopheles mos quito

24 . Istanbul is a major city of Turkey. What was its former name?

25 . Where is the headquarters of World Meterological Organisation?

26 . Name the countries having the veto power in the U.N. Security Council.?

27 . What is called the "Roof of the World"?
The pamirs in Central Asia

28 . Name the only planet that was discovered in the 20th century.?

29 . What is the boundary between Russia & Poland called?
The Curzon Line

30 . How much time does the light take to reach the Earth from the sun?
A little more than 8 minutes
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31 . What is the source of all energy on earth?
The energy from the sun

32 . Which famous swimmer is known as the 'Albatross'?
Michael Gross

33 . Where was the martial art taekwon do developed?

34 . Who developed taekwon do?
Gen.Choi Hong Hi of Korea

35 . Which mountain ranges in Spain & California have the same name?
Sierra Nevada

36 . Which batsman has scored most runs in a day in Test Cricket?
Australia's Don Bradman 309 n.o. against England at leeds in 1930

37 . Which team won a one dayer twice with a six off of the last ball?

38 . How many Indians have taken nine or more wickets in an innings in a Test Match?
4 -Kapil Dev,Subhash Gupta,Jasu Patel & Anil Kumble

39 . Which is the largest plant in the world?
The Bis Trees of California

40 . What is 'smog'?
Smoke -laden fog
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